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Name: Snowy2
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Feel free to message me. I'm a pretty nice and decent person. I'm looking for new friends. I play video games, mostly ps4 or pc, once in awhile alittle Pokemon. Or just phone games. Depending on how the day goes haha. Magic : Protection Status : I'm back. Put This In Your Profile And See What Color People Inbox You Blue=i want a second chance Yellow=you're cute Green=i want a kiss Purple=i will die for you Red=i want you to kiss me Pink=let's cuddle Rainbow=i want you in my bed Orange=i owe you a kiss Black=i want a hug Teal=i really like you White=i'm crushing on you Brown=i love you. Crimson=die Blood red=come to the back room Turquoise=i don't like you Aqua=i hate you Gold=lets be friends Silver=you're my enemy Grey = i think i'm falling in love with you Magenta = Be mine