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You can read our forums and most spells/articles without joining our site, but you can not post to them without being a member. Membership is 100% free, just sign up or log in the box below. Once you are a member you are also able to post in forums, add spells, join covens and join in on our online chat.

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Covens, Levels and Friends
One great feature we have for members are our Covens. A Coven is typically a group of witches. When you are a member you can join an existing Coven. The creator of a Coven can control who can join, and each Coven can create their own spell books. That is just a taste of the many features we will be adding to the website.

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Login Problems?
Some people experience problems when logging in to the website. This is normally a problem if you have multiple accounts on the website.

First, you must have cookies enabled to log in. This is the default configuration for your web browser, and unless you turned them off they are already on.

If you try to log in and are taken to your profile page but still see the login information at the top of the screen try the following steps:

  1. Press CTRL-R or F5 to reload the page.
  2. If the fails close your browser and start it up again, it should start auto-logged in.
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