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Name: Morose
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Location: Sacramento, California
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I think we all could use a little more compassion. In both the receiving and giving. It seems the vast majority of us have become desensitized and immune to the distress we can cause each other. We're all humans. Act like it?

It's one thing to make an attempt to enlighten the ignorant, but another to have a sense of superiority and ascendancy toward the ignorant. Do things out of love. Hatred has gotten us nowhere.

I'm a solitary practitioner of the Celtic Druidic philosophy, but I have knowledge in many areas of the occult.

That being said,

Feel free to send me a message as long as you use proper spelling and grammar (or try your best). My only requests are that you do not ask me to turn you into any sort of ridiculous creature, ask me to do spells for you, or ask me for readings. I do not want to hear your fluff, you will be blocked. I will not cast spells for you. And I do not do readings. Otherwise, I'm a very friendly person, so don't be shy! I love intellectual conversations and just meeting new people in general. If you need help or have questions about me or anything else, I'll do my best to help you and provide you with answers.

If you know who Celtic Women is then we're already friends!

"Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have." - Unknown

"It takes wisdom to understand wisdom; The music is nothing if the audience is deaf." - Walter Lippmann

Just because I see others have this on their profile, and I thought, "Why not?":

Last Updated: 3/20/2018

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