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Name: Asmodai
Birthday: Apr 9 1991
Location: Winston Salem, NC
Gender: Male
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Greetings all. I'm a former member of this site coming back after a hiatus. My previous account was Ashema Deva, I'm the former Priest of the Black Twilight Coven. I left after my brother passed away, and took some time to myself, but several months have passed now and I've decided to hop back on. How consistently or not, I'm not sure. I'll likely be on and off throughout the day. As my name likely suggests, I work primarily with Asmodai/Asmodeus. I do not use magic very often, I much prefer Spirit Working to Spell Casting, though I do occasionally cast the odd spell here and there as I see fit.

I will not summon anything, or cast any spells for anyone. The simple reason being: I don't know you, and so I do not care about you, naturally. If I don't care, my intent when casting will not be adequate, and intent is key. There's no point in casting spells for strangers, one's intent just can't be the same as when it's for something that matters to the caster. For that reason, I'd also recommend against purchasing spell casts from anyone. Their concern is their gain, and the intent still won't be the same as if you were to just cast it yourself. As for summoning for you, it's just a matter of logistics. First off all, I'm not interested in the liability; if you can't summon it yourself, you likely aren't able to contain it or dismiss it. Secondly, spirits aren't possessions to be passed around, and when forced to, you'd more likely than not end up with a very unhappy critter.

I'm open to receiving messages of any sort, so feel free to message me. That being said, stupid messages warrant stupid replies. I'll respond to fluff with nonsense elaborate rituals to accomplish impossible goals, just to waste your time since you've wasted mine. So keep that in mind before messaging me about being a vampire, werewolf, god, carebear or whatever it is you've attempted to delude yourself into thinking you are to compensate for your inadequacies.

I have a discord server for demonolatry workers, and a general safe have for sinners of all sorts. PM if interested. You will be vetted though, it's not an instant invite sort of deal.