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Name: Thesadangel
Birthday: Jul 24 1998
Location: The darkness and flames. Looking for souls to take
Gender: Male
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Ok I don't mind helping out with soul things ext....but don't bug me if your going only send like one mail. Or not fully go into something...or asking for help with something being a teenage trap in 40 old man's body....not saying I'm not willing to help souls sealed in others....but something like being child little and being their be your own doing in a matter that's....not to bad you can get by on or something is dumb...

My magic is soul magic i will like to put here some things people ask of it.

What is soul magic? its magic around the soul or souls for the most part. Anything from making souls fusing fixing souls much more some what with being one with your self and knowing your soul it also is kind of. Some people on here from no where try and sell their soul to me or ask of that. That is not soul magic thats a contract in the spiritual made where a being does something. For you and you pay with your soul what happens to it than is on the being so do not ask dumb things of it. Or try to sell me yours on if you do sell it to anyone..........You might never get it back

I do contract work spiritual ones i also do some forms of magic not on earth i will be happy to help if i can and you need it. Also always looking for friends but i will not help with things like love. I am very dark minded but keep it hidden i also have rules with souls i follow and am very chooseingsometimes with them so in less you seem useful or stand out. Also what is not some dumb crazy thing i might take your soul but thatsmostly very rare cases with close friends only. Most of the time not likely on that if their is some things meant and they ask me to with no way out. Sometimes its just to help them rest on i do their souls are not always every mine in that kind of case.