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Name: Thesadangel
Birthday: Jul 24 1998
Location: The darkness and flames. Looking for souls to take
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 11 Dec 2019
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i also might seem weird on i like to study and know of astral weapons powers ext most don't and always learning of them and sometimes seek them. Or work with spirits and people for them ext But don't ask me anything of this. Or will be blocked in less you want to know just a few things and not going...say its not real or in less its to work with me on them some.

Theirs always something or someone that breaks......The set rules of what is known of........people fear darkness...........But all it is is is people who lost their resasonfor everything........Not always but sometimes everyone has one.....If you don't a resasonno matter is or was than your just boring and not fully living life.

On thats what makes someone powerful and weak the true thing......from both or so i think if you don't like what i think bug of. On this is part of how i really see things

If i take a long time to get back...To do busy i always do traning and things now mostly not in this realm.

Do not talk to me if

1 One to just roleplay its okay. If you do i do not mind but just not with me....Just not into it and look in the sites rules....Not allowed on here anyway but many do it....

2 To be a slave or sell your soul to me or help with that.

3 HELP YOU GET A NEW BODY!!!! YOU HAVE THE ONE YOU HAVE FOR A reason....SO MAGIC CANNOT help getYOU A NEW ONE YOU PEOPLE WHO ASK Have just be bugging me i have better things to do with my time

4 if you have mailed me none stop and i dont get back i likely wont

5 to fuse with you

Yes people on this site haveasked me those things before

I know my spelling so on sucks......Very very bad reading disorder

i do A soul magic soul magic is just a lost power of souls. always looking for friends or people to work with..... But cant much with the work with over trainingso if you are it will be later on i do.

Will add more and fix up bio later.