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Name: Thesadangel
Birthday: Jul 24 1998
Location: The darkness and flames. Looking for souls to take
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 25 Oct 2020
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Going make a new better bio when I have something better to make one on I was but my phone isnt that good.

so only updates is Im now looking for someone to make a contract with a spiritual one to. Where they become my servant and like a companion where I get... there soul but help them and take care of them astral and spiritual...its the type some make with spirits but astral. Anyone willing to talk of it in joining me only with it message me. I only ask you be male on want it to be like a brother tide every tide spiritual one and want 3.

also want a new dark half and all partly for study of how the soul effects the physical more. Long with what having a other physical person soul is like when in it ext is what the study is for it be part of

Yeah i know i'm late with updates but been busy lot going on is all for me. Some of you i will try to talk with more and get back to soon

First of i have a reading disorder so sorry if i what i say or type is hard to i'm kinda changing and will be for a while.......Their is 2 sides to me a nice side than a bad one. So i can sometimes sound bad without meaning to i been here....A so time and likely will be staying on sometimes....People worth meeting show up i like dark things and dark people. Or people into dark things......I do soul magic astral work study of astral weapons books so on.....

Do notwhen talking to me first if i do trust you orbecome friends ext turnon me...or won't end well

Do not ask me to fuse my self with you or things like new body or asking if i'm human or not I will just block you if you do. Look all soul magic means is understanding souls the spirit and working with it......pass past life work and so on yes a soul can be taken by a other. But not like some over lord demon thing.......Most times its by a tide and 2 working with one a other....or becoming more closer and so on......Also i am not going to let anyone have any kind of power over me so on so don't every try....Also yes having your soul own by someone is your self up in a way......But not really like a slave

Don't every try to anything sexual or the like on i'm not into any of that kind of thing....And don't need a other to be whole like that people you don't need twin flames so on to be

I do spiritual deals so on sometimes i like anime video games so on. I will try to help but to not talk to me if its just a one time thing....over a soul thing on i don't trust people like that....Without knowing why on soul arts hidden for not nothing. Free feel to talk with me will update more later.