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Name: Thesadangel
Birthday: Jul 24 1998
Location: The darkness and flames. Looking for souls to take
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 17 Oct 2019
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Making new bio later Btw Stay a way fromThunderNeko hes just not worth your time. Don't ask me why in less i know you thats all i'm say but do what has you wish

If i take a long time to get back...To do busy i always do traning and things now mostly not in this realm.

Do not talk to me if

1 One to just roleplay its okay. If you do i do not mind but just not with me....Just not into it and look in the sites rules....Not allowed on here anyway but many do it....

2 To be a slave or sell your soul to me or help with that.

3 HELP YOU GET A NEW BODY!!!! YOU HAVE THE ONE YOU HAVE FOR A reason....SO MAGIC CANNOT help getYOU A NEW ONE YOU PEOPLE WHO ASK Have just be bugging me i have better things to do with my time

4 if you have mailed me none stop and i dont get back i likely wont

5 to fuse with you

Yes people on this site haveasked me those things before

I know my spelling so on sucks......Very very bad reading disorder

i do A soul magic soul magic is just a lost power of souls. always looking for friends or people to work with..... But cant much with the work with over trainingso if you are it will be later on i do.

Will add more and fix up bio later.