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Name: Magicg
Location: Albania
Gender: Female
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Hi! I am Magicg. My passion is magick. Every time for me is the proper time for magick. I have been studying magic and I still do it because every time I read something about magick I learna lot of new things. Now I practice magick giving my all strength and energy to it. I am still a novice, interested on sigil magick, elemental path and wicca. I have finished the Bachelor degree at Law Faculty, and I'm currently studying for the Master degree. I am ambitious, but I am reasonable. Hobby: Devoting to magick, with all of my strength, power, energy and will I like to be one of a kind. Life has taught to me that there are very few people I can trust to, but that's why I study Law, to divide the truth from the fraud. I love mystery, nature and magickal life. My dream is to be a great wizard and help those who deserve my help. I wish to live in a magic world with magic creatures. Ying and Yang are my inspiration and my theory. I am open minded. I have strong belief on Karma and I know that this world is a great school where we all need to learn to be friendly, to help and respect each other and nature. My motto: Life is a big balance of light and dark. I accept them both. Interested in: Sigil Magick, Out Of Body Experiences (OBE), Manifestation and Law of Attraction (I am still working with it) everything related with creation of the Universe, Greek Mythology (I have a really strong connection with it). If anyone has had any experience with Goddess/Gods, fairies, or other entities, I would like very much to listen. I like Asian manga, anime too(they never get old for me)! I like to help others, so if you need my help or advice feel free to mail me, BUT: - I cannot cast spells because as I said, I am still a novice - Do not send me flirting or sex topic mails, I will not answer and you will be on my rejection list - Wishing spells are my goal but I am still working with it so I am not ready to work for others. See you!