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Name: Isroll3.0
Location: Personal Homeland
Last Seen: Sun, 18 Oct 2020
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I am Isroll, I was marked leader of the Peacekeepers of the Yang a once legendary but now wiped out establishment. We were the warriors of man in our past lives, and the keepers of light on earth. Purging demons and evil in the heart of man as our mission. Sadly I am one of the last aware and fully committed Peacekeepers left. If you are curious about this topic do ask I'd love to share.
It is my duty and will to help every human I can, I specialize in many arts of magic, and light magics. I can teach and practice enchanting, austral projection, realm travel, chakra cleansing and Kundalini awakening, flame manipulation, runes (including elder futhark runes,) and telakanesis. Also I use healing arts as well. I hold centurys of information on peacekeeper history and history of the the world's corruption up to today