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3.0 this is my third account, all others were deleted from inactivity. I can now hold up this account. I have been marked leader of the Peacekeepers of the Yang by an ancient installation we created. I realize now the order of the peace keepers has been destroyed, any who are or would like to be... contact me. The darkness cannot destroy us now, we may stand in the light, be tracked by Google and hunted. But it would only empower us. Those who stand for the light of God shall not fall at the edge of death, but rise more powerful. And all those who hide behind the false image of man, shall stand before God..... and diminish in his purifying light. We will hide no more... I will help anybody I can, and fail no more in doing so, I specialize in many arts of magic, and light magics. I can teach and practice enchanting, austral projection, realm travel, chakra cleansing and third eye awakening, flame manipulation, runes (including elder futhark runes,) and telakanesis. I hold centurys of information on peacekeeper history and history of the the world's corruption of darkness. And to those who don't want this information out, this truth, try and stop us.