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Name: Spirit76
Birthday: Apr 5 1980
Location: Manitoba
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Over the years my main avenue of learning has revolved around spiritual topics like introspection, meditation, personal growth, astral travel, and energy working. While I do not work magic on a regular basis it has been a part of my learning along with other topics like Shamanism, druidism, numerology, astrology, sacred geometry, and a smattering of other wholistic practices.

Things I actively practice;
-Healing (energy working)
-Cleansing energy
-energy channeling
-Development of personal power/connecting with the higher Self
-Crystal working
-working with spiritual guides/guardians
Bonus tidbits;
I recognize the ideas of reincarnation, karma/dharma, and overall spiritual growth through multiple lifetimes and time spent between lives. I also recognize that not all lifetimes had to be spent in the same world/place/plane.

To that end, as I have worked to connect more strongly with my own energy and higher self, I have become aware of influences from my own spiritual past Selves. Specifically, I carry a draconic influence to my own energies. As such I do identify as a part of the otherkin communities. While this has no physical influence in my daily life, it does influence how I visualize and work with energy.

Comments, questions, concerns about my sanity, and any other friendly hello are all welcome. I am always happy to share ideas, and to help others however I can. I love to talk about any topic at all from spirit and magic to crystals and herbology, to astral travel, spirits, philosophy, and anything geeky too, of course. I'll always send a reply. Just bear in mind that it might take me a while depending on how involved the answer is going to be, and how busy I am at the time.

Stuff for fun! For those interested in Numerology, here is a very good (and simple) calculator based on hebrew-chaldean practice, as described by linda Goodman; chaldeannumerology.azurewebsites.net/numerology/
For a fun little 'chakra test'; www.eclecticenergies.com
For a listing of free downloadable .pdf books; https://darkbooks.org/ (Thanks SamanthaT!)
The single best video on psychic attack I have found so far; https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=737&v=wB4h7LptqAc