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Casting Instructions for 'Telekinesis'

How to Develop Telekinesis

An Exercise to Assist You in Developing Telekinesis

Choose a utensil
Hold it in your hand comfortably
Find a comfortable position to sit and relax breathing effortlessly
Close your eyes
Let the days thoughts go
Focus on the utensil
Slowly run your fingers over its surface and feel its energy
At the moment when there is no separation between you and the fork and you actually feel its energy- bend it

If it bends you did the exercise correctly. If not it could be because your mind wasn't focused and other thoughts entered. It will take some practice and persistence when developing telekinesis.

Tips on Developing Telekinesis

Don't think about the process or what may or may not happen just practice as if its an experiment
Relax and enjoy the process of developing telekinesis (up to 7 days a week if possible)
Stop if you get a headache
Without believing it is possible it will not manifest- believe you can move objects with you mind and you will
Focus all your attention. There is no room left in your mind for thoughts of what you had for dinner last night.
it is easiest to start with light objects such as feathers or thin paper

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