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Name: narutokyuubi
Location: las vegas, nv, usa
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I'm 15,I'm a triplet the youngest, I'm new to magic I've always had an interest in magic
im: a virgo
my element: is earth, but im tuned into water.
i like things to go my way all i have to do is think about it and it will happen.

im not one to mess with i you get me mad or hurt my friends, you will suffer the consequences.
I'm trying to learn eletrokinesis
I'm learning how to astral project
I'm Clairaudiant, i can hear the voices of spirits.
I'm a vampire, sang/psi hybrid.
I have Atmokinesis. It's the power to control the weather. All I have to do is think about it and it happens.
my first successful spell: hair Growth spell:)
i practice white magic. and elemental magic..
I may seem mature , but i can be very childish.
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure,
It is our light not darkness that most frightens us,
we ask ourselves who am I to be brilliant, talented, gorgeous, and fabulous,
actually, who am I not to be?
~ BY Marianne Williamson~