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"Magic," the Master said, " is the exercise of Will by which changes may be made in worldly spiritual conditions. In fact, every act of the will is magic when it is carried out by means of material things, and even by spiritual means.

"By means of Force all changes are made, for nothing can be achieved without Force setting in motion the material and spiritual atoms. If you raise your hand you use force, spiritual, on account of your will, material, by using your muscles. But you cannot use force if either the spiritual or the material means are not available. You cannot raise your hand by spiritual will if your arm is completely paralysed for instance, for the material part of your brain which controls your arm is out of action. Therefore, it is necessary to understand fully all spiritual and material forces and conditions before you may try to perform a magical operation of the higher sort, and you must have the practical ability to carry out your intentions.

"By an act of powerful Will it is possible to call to aid the forces of the Universe, which will obey the behests of the Adept. To a true Adept there are no limits in his progress in the Spiritual Realms; nor can his intellectual freedom be restricted in any direction.

"It is only ignorance which prevents a man from controlling all Nature. He does not know that everything he perceives is, in a way, part of himself; and that by identifying himself with that which he wishes to influence, he can obtain direct control of that object or subject. He may then transform the force within it to another force, such as he wishes to direct and use, if he knows the secret; and there is no limit to Force in the Universe. When he applies this, that, or any other force to his own purposes, he affects at the same time all other forces, as well as conditions in the Universe; for each action is like the ripple caused by a stone thrown in the middle of the ocean: these ripples extend and spread in every direction, affecting the whole of that ocean. You will therefore see that there is no such thing as isolation for any being whatsoever. All are part of the Whole, and their actions influence the whole Universe by means of these spreading ripples, just as they are influenced in turn by the ripples, or vibrations, set in motion by all other beings.

"But no man can make use of any vibrations or forces unless he is fitted in every way to attune with them whenever he wishes to do so. A man who is without any spiritual sympathy cannot become a great poet or artist of any sort, nor even a small one. Neither can a man who is of a very sensitive nature do the work of a butcher, or even an ordinary artisan, successfully. All have their own place in the Universe, and they must continue in their various capacities until they have earned the right to proceed a step further, or higher.

"Magic is the Art and Science of knowing all things, identifying one's Self with them, and using them for good only. One will then learn to know the difference between what he is and what he thought himself to be."

(The Quest of Ruru by J Michaud PhD, Uma Press, London, 1948.)