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Let me try this a different way:
Do not mail me if your request should be in a thread. If it should be in a forum post in stead, I will not respond; I will delete the mail and block you. Here are some examples:

  • "Can you cast a spell for me?" In stead, make a thread in the Advertisements section.
  • "How powerful are you?" It sounds like you are trying to request a spell. Refer to the above.
  • "I can't cast spells." Yes, you can. If you're just getting started, there are some great posts in the General Info section. If your efforts are not yielding results, please post a thread in the appropriate section.
  • "I didn't like the response to my post in the forum." That's perfectly fine. Continue the topic in that thread.
  • "What kind of spell should I do for [thing] ?" Make a thread in the Spell Suggestions section.


"Magic," the Master said, " is the exercise of Will by which changes may be made in worldly spiritual conditions. In fact, every act of the will is magic when it is carried out by means of material things, and even by spiritual means.

(The Quest of Ruru by J Michaud PhD, Uma Press, London, 1948.)

For the entire text:


The Language of Flowers:


For listings of many tarot decks:


Eudaimonia (Happiness) is a good daimon, or a good thing. What then are you doing here, O imagination? Go back to wherever you came from, I entreat you by the gods, for I do not want you.But you have come according to your old fashion. I am not angry with you: go away.

-Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book VII, v.17

This seems a way to address intrusive and unwanted thoughts (imagination; anxiety; worry; depressive ideas and emotions): I am not angry with you; go away. It's formatted as a short prayer or banishment (I entreat you by the gods, for I do not want you).

Way down here at the bottom:
I really wish I had a better way to list links and what-not, and have a shorter bio. At the same time, I don't really want something like a text file with copypasta stuff to search through whenever someone wants to know something like where there are at least some older tarot deck reviews.

Additionally, some about me personally.

As for astrology, here you go:
Virgo sun, Gemini rising, Pisces moon. I was born close to midnight on a full moon. As for planetary placements, that would take too much space.

My Meyers-Briggs personality type indicator is INTJ with INFP leanings.