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I'm a 21 year old college student who's been studying many areas of magic since I was like 14. My spiritual beliefs don't play a large part in my life but I try my best to advance my knowledge. I'm a science based major and therefore strongly believe that science and magic are closely related and that if you study one you should study the other. I would say that I'm less of a practitioner and more a collector of knowledge.
My absolute favorite areas of study are therefore herbal magic as well as practical/medicinal uses for herbs since they combine my love for magic and the botany area of science. As such, herbs are probably my most knowledgeable area. I also study any area that may help me connect with animals since I am on my way to my doctorates in veterinary medicine and would value a higher understanding of my patients.
Areas of study I've dabbled in include alchemy, numerology, crystals, chakras, auras, and shamanism.
I am struggling finding a coven or group I identify with so if you have suggestions please feel free to message me! Thank you!