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Name: SpiritWitch8
Location: Eastern Standard Time Zone of the US
Gender: Male
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If you plan on contacting me regarding spells, such as casting them for you, please be sure to send your entire question in one email/message as this will be most efficient method of giving yourself a higher chance that I will actually respond.

My Practices(Some, as listing them all would be a lot. But here are my more "interesting" practices that I would like for others to know if they wanted to message me

Witchcraft (TBW- Traditional British Witchcraft) September 21 , 2003 - present
Practices I'm knowledgeable about
My Spiritual practice includes but is absolutely not limited to the following, just to know a bit about me.
Astral Projection
Candle Magick-Both Flame Divination and Ritual Candle Remains, Candle Readings
Ritual Magick/Workings(BTW).
Spirit Work and Necromancy
Crystal Magick
Fire, Air, and Earth Magick, Celestial magick
Herbal witchcraft
Potion Brewing,
Gris Gris Bag (said like Gree Gree bag)
Kitchen Magick
Lunar Magick/Solar
New Orleans Vodou (has contracts with Papa Legba, Baron Samedi, among others)
Creating localized Astral planes, think of it like "creating an astral temple" but not just /for/ astral temples
Etc (Ask for more information)