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Name: SoraSky3
Birthday: Jun 27 2002
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Someone mail me. I need friends


My Discord Server Link Is

Hello! I'm Cody. I'm always looking for new friends message me sometime I don't bite.

Name: Cody

Age: 16

Hobbies: Watching Anime and Gaming and other stuff.

Feeling: I'm Stressed.

Relationship Status: Single ^^;

I Have Facebook,Discord,Kik, and Snapchat. If we talk more than once ask for those. ^^


People I Care About

Dodshagen- You said you missed me and that you wouldn't disappear Again but you did. You've been gone since December and I still miss you both everyday. Emil Eirik, if you see this know I miss you both and want you both back as soon as possible. Love you both...