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Name: rinatx2500
Location: Texas
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 24 May 2024
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I am a young woman praticing magic out of texas. I address to cards and candels daily and seek to fin my way as a devote to every goddess as well I enjoy listening to rock and roll, pop and rythem and blues and see it as their is no fame i wouldnt admire. After finding out i am born on the cusp of magic i decided to turn all my efforts towards reciving its benifits. faviorte candle is red as it represents love, health and strength. i have a six year old daughter that i adore. i was born on the cusp of magic and find that is has everything to do with most things i deal with.i pratice spells daily , a bath spell at night, and a spell in the day. i am a devotee to durga goddess of the universe as well as the other deity's i reconize Isis as the goddes of motherhood ,magic and fretility and see gaia as the true mother of earthas well as the titans and giants aswell. i work ina resturant by day a spend eveings with my daughter or with friends . In my spare time i enjoy going out to movies or dinner or even a night club. I would like to join this coven because i think it would be very exciting chance to shareand take part in more magical exchanges. im on the site at least twice a day so i will be sure ti be an active partacipant and look forward to being involved. i hope to learn whatever the group can offerin practical and detailed ingredents and uncover more rituals. i am currently a member of spell of magic.