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Hello, my name is Katie and I am 46 years old. I have been formally practicing magic since I was 14. My path has been a colorful one with many aspects as I learn new things with every step I take. I practice eclectic solitary folk magic.

Member of The PETA Team, if you need anything let me know.

Nos es unus per orbis terrarum quod quicumque habito illic in.

"Queen of love and peace but has a motherly whip ready to smack the bejesus out of you if its needed, master in herbs and ancient arts." -Pureindigo

Deja Moo; When you think you have heard this bull before.

Magical Power

Every living being is born with personal power and energy, currently our physical plane of existence tries to and succeeds at suppression and curtailing one's personal power and abilities that others may be intimidated by, afraid, jealous, or envious of. The reason is control, for it is far easier to control a population when they have no idea of their true personal power and energy or their true potential. Knowledge, wisdom, experience, maturity, common sense, intelligence, patience, practice, perseverance, and of course a whole lot of self control, love, empathy, and understanding on a daily basis is how I personally came to be who I am today. Your personal power and energy are always present strengthen your connections as you expand your mind, practice, and study. Set your mind free, watch your soul dance, and feel the changes occur <3

Ode to Beginners

Start with meditation and chakra work. Also read about and practice the other basics of magic such as grounding and centering, circle casting, the cone of power, visualization, and shielding. It is going to take time to learn and practice these aspects of the craft, several months in fact to become skilled in them like it is second nature. I suggest at least one daily meditation of about fifteen minutes long and at least one daily practice of energy work again no longer than twenty minutes at a time. Energy work consists of working with your chakras and basic energy transfer such as charging items with your own energy. If you can fit in a morning and an afternoon meditation session or even a noon as well, please feel free to do so. Meditation can also be practiced for a few minutes before you need to focus on a task such as a test, meeting, or project.

As you work on these things it would be a good idea to read and cross reference the many other aspects of the craft that are basic as well but lead to more advanced practice. Divination and the many different types that can be used, color correspondences not only for candle magic or auras but other forms of magical workings, the different tools and items that can be utilized in magic, the elements including the different sets from different cultures, how to use the vast amount of symbols and their meanings, the moon phases and how and when to utilize them, the seasons even have an effect on castings. Things like herbs, oils and stones take time to memorize so I find it best to read about the ways in general you can utilize them and research the different items and their use as things come up. Researching information before casting magic is a must, even I after all my years still research and deduct which way is best to handle the situation magically.

Tips For Casting

It is better to memorize the spoken part of a spell or other magical working. Using visualization will help one memorize these words. As this memorization tactic is implemented visualize the words coming to fruition. See in your mind's eye the goal of your spell. As you are memorizing you are already raising energy towards your goal. As you are visualizing during the memorization process you are increasing the amount of raised energy for this goal or magical working. When you speak the written part aloud you are increasing the energy level being placed into your magical working through the acoustic energy (sound waves). Speaking aloud is another tactic used to help memorize. Remember the more energy you add to your magical working the better. Once memorized and spoken aloud clearly implement the spoken part of the magical working as the casting of the physical actions occurs. Physical actions include but are not limited to; anointing and lighting a candle, creating a charm , drawing a figure, sewing a poppet, brewing a tea (potion), creating a mojo/medicine bag, weaving a dream catcher, etc. All of these steps are important to the energy level of a magical casting which will directly impact the outcome of the casting.

Is Magic Evil

Most religions practice some form of magic. Praying is communication with spirits which includes the holy spirit. Catholic priests anoint an Easter candle each year for their Easter related mass. This candle is used in conjunction with different church practices throughout the rest of the year such as Baptisms and Death Rites associated with a funeral. They inscribe these candles with religious symbols and anoint them with oils. This is similar to a pagan anointing a candle for health, prosperity, or protections. These actions are not negative. They are done to help the person. Magic is also not a substitute for mundane actions. A spell to increase health is not going to work if one does not eat right, exercise, take medications or supplements, avoid toxic habits, etc.


  • What if instead of praying for peace we acted peacefully.
  • What if instead of talking about change we demonstrate through our actions the change we wish to see in the world.
  • What if instead of focusing on our differences we focused on what makes us similar.
  • What if instead of being upset with what we do not have we are thankful for what we do have.
  • What if instead of expecting others to treat us better than we treat them we treated others as we would want to be treated.


Now faith is the assurance that what we hope for will come about and the certainty that what we cannot see exists. Hebrews 11

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