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Name: Blissishappy
Location: Making sure Gaia is safe
Gender: Female
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Hello, hello,hello! Welcome to my profile! It's nice to see you! Now I'm curious, what brought you here? Was it chance perhaps? Or is it all part of a plan? Oh well whatever it is you're welcome to chat. But:

Please read my bio before messaging me!

Rules :

-Please don't flirt.

-Don't ask me any sexual questions

-Don't pick fights with me. I don't have time

-Don't come to me on you're high horse acting like some great savior. Be humble.

-Respect who we are and you'll be respected

You may call me Nova .I am currently a fusion of four entities. Now beforeyou question me, relax. I am obviouslyhuman because it is the current vessel we are in. But it doesn't mean we haven't been here for a very very long time. (Please know that being fused is nothing close to being possessed)

The first person that makes me a fushion goes by the name "Bliss" . Shes the one who's in charge.The other one is named is "Red" the third and fourth wish to be unknown until we know you better.

My path is very simple. I believe that we live for a reason and our soul may only rest when we complete what we were put to do. We take things and must give it back. Respect is something that is important to me. I am an open minded person which therefore means I'll listen to your path and if I like, follow it and include it in my daily rituals. But as every weather isn't perfect ,they'll be times where I won't agree. But even though I might not agree I'll still respect that. That's just who I am a and how I'll be forever.

Feel free to ask us things. We'll be happy to tell you what we remember. We've had many past livesand if you remember me (or us) we'd love to reconnect with you. Why? Because it's fun!

We don't judge people based on who they are and what they believe in,we respect who you are but weask the same in return.

Things I know a fair amount of things in/what I can do:

(I can guarantee you that even the most powerful masters of magic learn things every day. Meaning that we are always learning and growing our knowledge. This not all I know but only a few )


-creating a peaceful atmosphere with my energy

-using the universe to bend at my will

-Understanding animal's (No I do NOT physically talk to them and ask them how their day was, I can understand their emotions and thoughts)

-healing magic

-reading people's auras

-How to attract things (money,luck,love,success )

-I am a heyoka empath so I am able to see different points of viewvery easily

-I have the ability to act exactly as someone and mimic them.

-seeing the future

-sign magic

Things I'd like to learn:


-herb magic


-Using the four elements

-talking the the NORSE gods . (If you know Loki and have met him tell me I'd love to know)

-Raising the dead (don't ask ^^")

~information on the us~

From: Bliss: Olympus. (Yes that place exists threw may ways). Mother was a demon father was an Olympian.

Red is from a planet called "The red web of death" her original family are fallen angles. She was kidnapped as a child and raised to soon take over as queen. But due to circumstance's (for the safety for the earth) her planet was destroyed.


Bliss: pureblood Olympian and demon

Red:spider succubus demon and shadow angle

Rank: Crusher

Current titles:

Bliss: Bliss of 3 graces, a peacemaker

Red: The eternal spider queen of chaos and darkness"( she used to be the queen of the "Red web of death" until she got fused with Bliss)

Also, we tend to unfuse a lot since our personalities are very different.

Bliss: For example, I can be childish one minute and then suddenly be the "I've seen it and done it all" 40 years old (Also I am nowhere close to 40 XD )haha. But over all I'm bubbly and really enthusiastic. I'm a nerd and anathlete. I hate seeing war and people getting hurt. I don't talk just to talk. If I message you it means I sincerely just want to talk to you or make a new friend. I keep my friends close and treat them like family. I don't trust to easily ,but from your aura I know if you're a good person or not.

Things that Bliss likes:Candy and music, you name it and I'll probably like it. I like anime and marvel.

I also talk to the Greek gods a lot as well as Lucifer.

A few of the things I hate are:
-Germs (since I am a germaphobe)

-people who hurt children and animals

Red likes:

-Anything with lust



-soap opera



Reds dislikes:


(Let's keep it pg-13 here so I'm gonna ignore the OTHER likes and dislikes)

Reds jobs:


Feel free to ask us any questions (as long as they aren't sexual)

Any flirting will be blocked. This is not a dating site.

Talk to me properly.If I get a sentence like "Hw r u today? " or something like that I will ignore it. It's fine to have a few typos and stuff like "LOL" and "BTW".

Don't ask me to solve your love problems.

Any hate mail will be blocked~

Please note that these things and entities do exist and if you catch me in a good mood I'll be happy to debate them.

My personality is an: ENFP

I am a heyokaempath

I wish you luck on you're traveling and blessed be!! ^^

Nova out!!!

Since everyone has asked me to say this...


*jumps through the window*