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Name: Blissishappy
Location: In the deep dark woods eating candy with the spirits that wander
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 19 Nov 2018
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Greetings and merry meet~!

"if laughter is the best medicine and too much medicine can kill...then expect large doses from me~!"

if you're looking for something or someone magical you've come to the wrong bio my friend~! But I sure can guide you to it~ ^^

I am open for any discussions of any kind and will happily share my opinions. I am an HeyokaEmpath. And an extrovert as well. I come here on my journey to build friendships and work on myself. I am a happy person and enjoy what life has to offer. I see the glass as half full .Feel free to talk to me about anything. Having an empty mail box annoys me.

But please read my bio before messaging me

Me as a whole:


-I love vines!!

-Marvel is life! (RIP STAN LEE! YOU WILL BE MISSED! :( )

-Harry Potter fan

-Steven universe fan

-I lovecartoon Network!

-I'm obsessed with anime!

-I love to explore

-Tough Cancerian

-green belt in takewondo

-Heyoka Empath


-Horror movies are my comedy. I find them hilarious!

-I like creepypasta!



-Bubbly and a happy person

-loves to read

-loves martial arts

-loves swords and things like that


-Enjoys cleaning and organizing

-Has roots with witchcraft and what it has to offer.

-a dreamer

-peppa pig looks like talking bacon

-a person in love with the arts. (Music,art, writing) as well as science and math.

I hope this has given you a better picture of me.

Here are some questions you could ask me if you wanttostart a conversation:

-Any chatter on the things I listed on myself! ^^

-randome but appropriate questions

I only ask that you keep it clean. I do not cast nor will I give you money for whatever reasons. As for "fluff",I will NOT turn you into anything!I'm NOT here to date.

You may call me Bliss .I am a merged soul meaning i had other souls in my vessel and then we became one.(I used to befusion of 10 entities).Now beforeyou question me, relax. I am obviouslyhuman because it is the current vessel we are in. But it doesn't mean we haven't been here for a very very long time(Meaning soul wise).(Please know that being fused and merged is nothing close to being possessed and being Bi-Polar)

Feel free to ask as questions about anything, if needed we can possibly unfuse and answer your questions individually.

My path is very simple. I believe that we live for a reason and our soul may only rest when we complete what we were put to do. We take things and must give it back. Respect is something that is important to me. I am an open minded person which therefore means I'll listen to your path and if I like, follow it and include it in my daily rituals. But as every weather isn't perfect ,they'll be times where I won't agree. But even though I might not agree I'll still respect that. That's just who I am a and how I'll be forever. I dip in and out of Hinduism (because i was born one and a Catholic ), catholicism,Wicca ,paganism and Satanism. I do not waste my time with worship. Only harnessing the energy around me to use as I please. I believe that magic is an energy that is free to use, it is up to us if we give it good intentions or had ones.

You most certainly canaskme things about me spiritually.I'll be happy to tell you what Iremember. I've(and my fusions)have had many past livesand if you remember me (or us) we'd love to reconnect with you. Why? Because it's fun! I also LOVE giving advice and helping people as well as little tips ^^

I don't judge people based on who they are and what they believe in,we respect who you are but I ask the same in return.

Things I know a fair amount of things in/what I can do:

(I can guarantee you that even the most powerful masters of magic learn things every day. Meaning that we are always learning and growing our knowledge. This not all I know but only a few )


-creating a peaceful atmosphere with my energy

-using the universe to bend at my will (No I can NOT summon unicorns and build a house out of thin air. I use this energy to help me in many ordinary things)

-Understanding animal's (No I do NOT physically talk to them and ask them how their day was, I can understand their emotions and thoughts)

-healing magic (mentally and a little bit physically)

-reading people's auras

-How to attract things (money,luck,love,success )

-I am a heyoka empath so I am able to see different points of viewvery easily

-I have the ability to act exactly as someone and mimic them.

-seeing the future


-Seeing threw the veil

Things I'd like to learn:

- Celestial plains (how to go there and how to fund my guru)


-herb magic


-Using the four elements

-talking the the NORSE gods . (If you know Loki and have met him tell me I'd love to know)

-Raising the dead (don't ask ^^")

Entities I have worked or work with:

-Gaia. (I regularly see her on a daily basis for advice)


- Athena


-Soul trapper

-Fallen angles

-The Ark angle Gabriel

-Mirror man

-The demons of charlie

-Raven man


I am extremely close with the Greek gods, one of the main reason be is that one of my fusions have family roots with them

My personality is an: ENFP

Gender: pansexual and Bi (female)

Animals that I feel close to:

Wolves,Kangaroos,Peacocks,Moaning doves,Crows,Ravens,dogs,cats

I wish you luck on you're traveling and blessed be!! ^^

Bliss out!!!

*jumps through the window*