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Name: Blissishappy
Location: Somewhere in Canada
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 20 Sep 2019
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Merry meet to all those who have stumbled upon my bio here on SoM.

Please, call me Bliss!^^

I enjoy talking topeople,so if I have messaged you and you're wondering why,I assure you it's just because I love socializing.

Regarding mail:

Please have a subject, any "Hellos" and things like that will be ignored. I am open to discussing anything. Please don't flirt with me, I'm happily taken.I will not tolerate rude people and those who waste my time withchildish nonsense,aka fluff. If you can't spell or talk to me properly don't bother mailing me.The quickest way to become my friend is throwing me a bag of sweets,chocolate or candy except the coffee flavored ones, blehhh I dislike those.


My purpose for being on SoM: I came here on my journey to build friendships,work on myself,and to learn and lend a hand whenever needed.


Times arechanging,people are changing so I suggest you keep an open mind to that

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My personality: I am a happy,go-lucky type of personand I enjoy what life has to offer. I guess you could say isee the glass as half full. I enjoy the big and little things life has to offer. I'm childish at heart but old and full of wisdom at soul. In this life, I'm a complete extrovert but Ienjoy the silence and the sounds of chatter. Most importantly, I am an Heyoka Empath.


Fandoms I'm in: I love Marvel (Loki is my favorite), DC, Harry Potter (I can't choose my house ;-;), Steven Universe, anime (Attack On Titan is my favorite, I'm currently watching Naruto), K-pop, creepypasta and undertale


Hobbies: I have a lot of hobbies. I enjoy going on long walks, watching horror movies since find them hilarious, reading, drawing, singing, doing martial arts (currently a green belt), cleaning,organizing,writing and playing sports like badmintonand volleyball. I like to play music, the instruments I play are the guitar,piano and drums. I am currently learning how to play the violin.

The hobby I love most is thinking, it can be about anything really, I enjoy imagining the possibilities of things because it helps me be prepared for the future.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My path is very simple and consists of the basics. I believe that we live for a reason and our soul may only rest when we complete what we were made to do. We take things and must give it back. Respect is something that is important to me. I am an open minded person which therefore means I'll listen to your path and if I like, follow it and include it in my daily rituals. Even if i may agree or disagree i respect everyones path.I believemagic is an energy that is free to use, it is up to us if we give it good intentions or had ones.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Things I know a fair amount of things in/what I can do:

  • -I can see the future but i can only see it through shapes,colorsand emotions. I only future see for close friends.
  • -Pendulums
  • -Energy work
  • -absorbing,channeling and attracting certain energy to me
  • -healing magic (mentally and a little bit physically)
  • -reading people's auras
  • -vivid dreaming
  • -I am a Heyoka empath so I am able to see different points of viewvery easily
  • -sigilmagic
  • Use of Tibetan singing bowls
  • Decoding dreams
  • Aromatherapy


Things I'd like to learn/am learning:

  • - Anything and everything
  • Crystals
  • Tarrot
  • Hypnosis


Entities I have worked or work with:

  • -Gaia.
  • -Athena
  • -Lucifer
  • -Soul trapper
  • -Fallen angles
  • -The Ark angle Gabriel
  • -Mirror man
  • -The demons of Charlie
  • -Raven man
  • -Lillith


Gender: Pansexual and Bi (female)

zodiac: Cancerain

Myers brigg: ENFP

Strangest blessings;P

Thanks for reading my bio :D

Some extra: I'm currently trying to talk to Loki. If anyone knows how I can do this I'd love tips.