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Name: Blissishappy
Location: Where the voices in my head take me~
Gender: Female
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I used to be NerdyNinja. Please email me if you know me~

Hi there! My name is Bliss. We are known to be as "The three graces". I have a playful child like heart but with an caring old motherly soul. I'm a very friendly person so please feel free to talk to me. I will be happy to lend a shoulder for you to cry on. An ear to hear you and my arms to keep you safe and warm from the cruel things that are outside. ^-^

I'm a little bit of Demisexual/romantic and Pansexual/romantic

I am an "HeyokaEmpath" meaning I use my humor alot.

I am from Olympus so if you're from any other realms not including earth please do tell me you're history and everything else I'mvery interested.

PS, Yes I've seen gods and talked to them. I can say with confidence I am close to the Greek gods. Olympus shall forever be my home and safe place.

I don't bite so feel free to drop me a mail saying"hi" or something likethat. (just please put a subject )

What I can offer :

-my support





-a place to let anger and sadness out

-You name it and I'll give it

I wish you luck on you're traveling and blessed be.

(PS if you are going to add me to your friend's list tell me so that I can add you as well. :) )

Root:open (25%)Sacral:under-active (12%)Navel:open (62%)Heart:over-active (75%)Throat:open (50%)Third Eye:over-active (100%)Crown:open (56%)

(will regularlybe updated)

Bliss out!!!

*jumps through the window*