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"I don't live in darkness. Darkness lives in me." -Anonymous
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Who We Are:

In Black Twilight, we are a collective of those that seek to understand and work with the dark and shadow aspects of magic. We are a friendly group of students, educators, and practitioners from all branches of magic that have come together to learn and grow as a crazy, little family. All are welcome within our group, as long as they are mature and respectful.

Black Twilight is a group dedicated to the darker and more advanced areas of magical practice and spellwork. Here, we do not fear the darkness; we embrace it and work with it. We understand it, and in so doing, better understand the shadow aspects of ourselves.

The group seeks to offer knowledge and enlightenment to those that walk the pathways less traveled. We are a haven to those that find the light within the darkness and turn the forces therein to their will.

Applying to Black Twilight:

If you would like to join, please send Caoimhe_lmac and Corvu5 the following information:

Please Note : You need to both send a list of the completed application questions to the Priestess and click on the apply button on our coven page, if you want to be considered for membership. Please have a Profile Picture (something that represents you) and have something written in your Personal Bio on your member profile. If you have been accepted, you will receive a welcome mail within 24-48 hours of submitting your application.

  • Age:

  • What is magic to you?

  • How do you work with magic?

  • Areas of Study or Interest:

  • Level of Experience:

  • How active are you willing to be:

  • Please list any other accounts you have, or have had, here on SoM:

  • Anything else you would like to add?

Coven Activity Policy:

Members need to respond to at least 3 threads a month, and attend at least one coven discussion. This is not asking too much, and I feel would help keep everyone active.

If members are going to join, they are expected to participate and be active in the coven.

We offer discussions and in the future we are looking to offer lectures, contests, and workshops for our members.

Within our coven you will find information on:

  • The Basic Principles of Magic and Spellwork

  • Herb and Crystal Magic

  • Spirit Work

  • Demonolatry

  • Deity Work

  • Sigils

  • Creation and Use of Tools

  • Elements

  • Trance Work and Altered States

  • Blood Magic

  • Curse Weaving

  • Ritual Work

  • Channeling


Sister Covens

  • Element Magick
  • Higher Magicks

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