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This coven is for those interested in learning black magic.anyone with an interest of black magick and related magick [that would help assist you in the craft of black magick ] .THIS COVEN DOES NOT PRACTICE EGOTISM......
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***If you want to join our coven, click ''JOIN THIS COVEN'' AFTER YOU HAVE SUBMITTED YOUR APPLICATION (see below). Otherwise, if you are accepted i cannot add you to the coven's membership.***

Black Twilight is Now sister coven to Lucifer's Elite in order to maintain a familial bond between us.

A warning to all: Black magic is nothing to fool around with. If you want to learn to expand your knowledge then bravo but if you are here to ''get revenge'' on someone then I suggest to turn tail and go because there are already enough evils in this world without revenge bent psychos adding to them.

This coven is a place of learning. Its not a house of evil. Everyone here must be willing to learn.

There are two lessons every witch needs to learn before they consider joining Black Twilight:

1. ''Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law''- Aleister Crowley

2. No spell works as well as those you write yourself.

Learn these and you will have made a good start in learning black magic.



In order to join Black Twilight, you must submit an application to both the Priest and Priestess with the following information:

Your screen name

Your age (to apply to Black Twilight you have to be 13 or older. Please be honest about this! )

How long you have been practicing magic(k)

Personal deity(ies)

If any, specializations

Answer the Following questions to the best of your ability (the best of your ability meaning don't tell us what you think we want to hear. Give us your honest answer).

1. Why do you wish to join Black Twilight?

2. What is it you wish to learn while you are a member of Black Twilight?

3. What is it (if anything) that you hope to bring to Black Twilight while you are a member?

4. Would you be interested in a Council position in the future?

5. We want your opinion of Black Twilight in general.

Thank you. Again all applications must be submitted to the Priest or Priestess. A word of warning: This coven does not practice egotism. That being said applications that are not completed IN FULL will be ignored NO EXCEPTIONS.

High Priestess
High Priest
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