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Use bones to find the truth.

Cleaning The Bones

Bones will need to be cleaned for this ritual, you can do this by scrubbing them with hydrogen peroxide. If you have another method you like to use then you can skip this and go straight to consecrating your bones. For those with fresh bones be it from a kill or bones from meat in the food market this will be easy. Use a knife to cut away all the excess meat, skin, and nerves until your certain that is as much as you can get. You may boil your bones after this is done to help with getting more off, then you can let them dry. I normally just put on a sheet of metal and let them sit out and the sun and they are bone dry. After this process you can put the bones in a bag and fill it with salt and just shake it to death, the salt will help smooth out the bones even more. Finally fill a jar or bowl with hydrogen peroxide and add all the bones to soak until they are white and smooth, make sure your bones are submerged.

Consecrating The Bones

This ritual is for truth, so when you go to bless your bones in the name of your higher powers, do so by asking for truth with it. In my case i would smudge the bones with burdock root, juniper leaves, and sage leaves. Using a piece of foil i would mix all the herbs up and place a piece of charcoal disc on top of them to get them smoking, then run each bone through the smoke. I would manifest truth in my mind and think about how each bone is only going to show me what i desire. Once your satisfied with your blessing move to offering the animal something as a gift, in my case i am using turkey bones so an offering of seed's and herbs will do.

The Bone Game

Now the fun part, the bones are blessed and the offering laid out, depending on what you believe is the lie or truth is how you proceed in my case i am using six bones with three blanks. On each of the six bones i will write things like "Frank is lying" "Tyler is lying" or you can be more specific with the bones. All the bones including the blank ones will be placed in a black bag, and i will normally say a chant over the bones to bring the aid of spirits, this is all up to you. When your certain you and the bones are ready for the truth, reach your hand in the bag and find the lie/truth bone.

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