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General list of protection methods and their uses.
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Introduction to Protection Methods

As you begin this journey, you will hear a few different things from those of us you’d consider to be ‘’experienced’’ witches and practitioners. One, that research is your best friend and number one provider and priority for this path. Which is true and we’ll dive into that topic more efficiently later in our next lesson. Two, that protection is a must – and though both of those statements are entirely true, no one ever takes the time to explain why.

For our first beginner’s lesson, the first thing I’d like to touch base on are the different types of protection methods and how to use them efficiently in your practice. One of the biggest questions we get asked almost on a daily basis is: what are protection methods, and why are they necessary?

So, let’s explain; it doesn’t matter if you’re a practitioner or just a salesman at a retail store, you hold the right to be able to protect yourself however you see fit.  There are several different ways to protect yourself spiritually and physically, so let’s get to them.

The first type of protection we’re going to go over is – salt. From sea salt to black salt, to even Himalayan Pink salt. It can be used a general powerhouse for protection and cleansing.

To make Black Salt; get a mortar and pestle (or something to grind/ground things up), sea salt (or any salt you have available), and the ashes from your incense or smoke cleansings or the ashes from a spell that you burned. Grind all the ingredients up until the color turns black and you’re done. You can add herbs and anything else you think is necessary, but I personally think sticking to the simplicity of these three items pack the most punch.

To use your black salt now, you can sprinkle it in your doorways or windowsills (if you’re in the broom closet or don’t want to deal with the mess of the salt, then you can open your window and sprinkle a thing layer in the track then close the window), you can add this to spells and use it in rituals; to open and cast circles, to enchant items. Add this to anything regarding protection.

Something I discovered several months ago which surprised me completely with how efficiently it works is crystal dust. It sounds like the oddest thing, and at first, I was pissed because it was extremely disrespectful to grind up the crystals and crush them in such a way. However, I decided to purchase a small bag of black tourmaline crystal dust and let me just tell you. I add it to my black salt now, and it has become an incredible power source for protection.

This is just a small reminder from me to you that even when we feel very close minded about something, sometimes (most times), it ends up benefiting us to be open minded and try new things.

Talisman’s/Amulets: Talismans are something that has been charged with a specific purpose. Like a piece of clothing charged with protection or shielding, your pen for prosperity/etc. An Amulet is something (typically a piece of jewelry) that has been charged with a specific energy for protection against evil, danger or disease. These can be so many different objects that their purposes are limitless.

Shielding/Visualization: Shielding is something that is used to protect yourself mostly from outside energies. Empaths and those with any of the Clair abilities or even those with sensory overload issues will use shielding as a way to protect themselves from unwanted emotions/thoughts/feelings.

In order to do this properly, you have to have somewhat of an understanding of energy manipulation or at least how to control your own energy to do what you need it to. One of the ways to do this is to ground yourself beforehand by closing your eyes and taking in deep breaths

Sigils/Symbols: Sigils and symbols are a fantastic way to discreetly achieve what you need to. They can be used for almost anything and everything you need or desire the outcome of. Sigils are an inscribed symbol considered to hold magical power based on your own energy and intentions. It’s also a seal. Most sigils are created for one specific purpose and then either burned to release it or melted, dried, etc. Symbols like the pentacle or pentagram are often used as signs of witchcraft or protection, the Elements.

Wards:  Warding your home or property is like a powerhouse protection method. It’s a spell used to repel, deflect and protect against negative energies or threats. It’s a mostly independent spell that will work apart from you and is meant for long term but will need to be replenished every so often.

To create a ward, the most obvious part is to have your intentions set. Even if its job is for protection you need to ensure that your intention and those living with you are pure and set correctly. Make sure to cleanse yourself and your space on a regular basis and that your spiritual hygiene is in good order.

It’s also important to leave negativity at the door before entering your home. If you had an awful day at work or are enduring a stressful time in your life, if you want your home protected from negative energies then don’t give reason for them to attach to you and enter your dwelling. If you’ve been having a difficult time with life and things in general, try leaving your negativity at the door of your home before you enter.

I personally set wards in a few different ways. My favorite one is using large crystals and placing them in the four main corners of my home. I make sure to use the cardinal directions of the elements to correspond to my needs and set the intention to ward off negative people and energies from entering my home. I update and recharge them when I feel like the negativity is entering the home again, and I always charge the crystals in the light of the months full moon. There isn’t an exact overall spell to use but creating your own protection spell and using it that way will work.

Crystals/Metals:  Crystals can be charged and used as protection tools by placing them in various spots in your home or outside of your home (as long as they are safe to be in the sun and in different weather climates). Various types of metals like copper, silver and iron can protect against hexes and the fae and some other creatures. Both of these can be combined in things like rings and necklaces or created and placed on wreaths on your front door.


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