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Name: astralagoon
Birthday: Jul 30
Location: not very active(preparing for college)
Last Seen: Thu, 04 Jul 2024
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Coven Title: Council

Personal Bio

I have officially graduated high school, as of May 2024!

~ the stars have aligned ~

Throughout the course of my life, I have found solace and guidance in the captivating world of witchcraft. From ancient sigils to intricate spellwork, my passion for exploring the mystical realms has been unwavering. This enchanting journey has taught me that witchcraft is an inclusive practice that embraces individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their chosen path. It is a realm where one can find wisdom, empowerment, and a deep connection to both oneself and the natural world in an infinite multitude of ways.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions, want to chat, or need any advice!
I will not do any spells for you, nor make any spells for you. Please do not flirt with me, I am very uncomfortable with that.

About Me:

  • Preferred Name: Astra
    • Nicknames: Asty, Sta(a name used by a friend that age-regresses), Emily(deadname), Emz(deadname variant)
    • You're fine to call me any of them, except for my deadname(the variant is fine)
  • Zodiac/Birth Chart
    • Sun, Ascendant, Saturn: Leo
    • Mercury, Venus; Cancer
    • Moon: Libra
    • Mars, South Node(Mean), Lillith(Mean): Virgo
    • Jupiter: Scorpio
    • Uranus, North Node(Mean): Pisces
    • Neptune, Chiron: Aquarius
    • Pluto: Sagittarius
  • Gender: Femme genderfluid
  • Sexuality: Aego-flux
    • This basically means that while I may enjoy the concept of romance/sex(such as shipping in fandoms), but my preferences in real life fluctuate.
  • Pronouns: she/her and they/them
  • Favorite Book: The Scholomance by Naomi Novik
  • Favorite Song: Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land by MARINA
    • It gives me witchy vibes, and makes me think of Astral Projection sometimes
    • It's also just a good song that gives me leg wiggles
  • Things I Like To Do(Not in the Craft): Reading/writing fantasy novels, sketching, sewing, swimming, kayaking, playing video games with my friends, cuddling(platonically) my bestie

Years of Experience: Around 8-ish
General Experience Level: 6.7/10

  • Herbal Magic: 4/10(Mainly because of incense)
  • Sigil/Chaos Magic: 9/10(My favorite kind of magic! It allows the most creative freedom, and I like being a gremlin haha)
  • Crystal Magic: 3.5/10(I don't use them much)
  • Elemental Magic: 2/10(I rarely do this)
  • Energy Work: 7/10(An active study for me right now)
  • Wiccan/TraditionalMagic: 2.5/10(I only know the basic things)
  • Ceremonial Magic: 3/10(have done some mild research but nothing else(purely out of sigil curiosity))
  • Sound/Music Magic: 8.25/10(Another favorite of mine, since I can hex someone with just a specific whistle)
  • Simple Witchcraft/Lazy Witchcraft: 9/10(I'm really lazy lol)
  • Broom Closet Magic: 9/10(the good ol' closet [: )
  • Potions/Alchemy: 2/10(I use it very rarely)
  • Spirit Work: 3/10(starting to work on it, with egregores, servitors, etc.)
  • Deity Work: 0/10(I'm atheist(religious trauma))
  • Pop culture magic: 6/10(fun as hell, and it works for my chaos magic)
  • Astral Projection/OBE: 2/10(I haven't experienced it, but I have done research about it.)

The Specifics:

  • I uniquely practice my Craft.
  • Take my advice with a grain of salt.
    • I may not give the best advice sometimes.
  • I have aphantasia, so it's hard to visualize.
    • That's why I use more "visual" forms of witchcraft, like sigil magic.
  • I don't identify as a "white" or "black" witch.
    • To me, it depends on the intentions.
    • But if you want a specific label, I'm a "gray" witch.
  • My Craft is inspired/guidedby many of the admins and editors here on SoM.
    • Misanthropy is the biggest inspiration since she inspired me to go off the beaten path.
      • The main thing that she inspired me with was a quote she used to have in her bio: "I heal and hex as I see fit."
    • Nekoshema has been a lifesaver for figuring out Belief vs. Reality in a decent manner.
      • Especially with most of the Trick Spell section, haha