Very Strong Love

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This spell is very powerful, use at your own risk, this will make your lover fall in love with you.

Casting Instructions for 'Very Strong Love'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

Begin by saying the following to the angles.

"Angels of the sky, I summon thee.
Bring (lovers name) back to me.
Make( lovers name) love me forever more.
Make(lovers name) love me until i die.
Make our love powerful and romantic.
Make it last, so mote it be."

Added to on Apr 30, 2014
Last edited on Apr 25, 2018
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This really works!!!

Mar 25, 2019
Hi how long did it take to work?

I feel this works for a time but you cannot cast a spell to make someone obey you forever, eventually the energy wears off, and if you don't have a strong foundation of love/respect it's completely possible the person will leave you of their own free will. Don't assume a spell will solve your problems forever cuz they won't.

Mar 25, 2019
Hi how long it take to work on person?

Apr 05, 2020
Do you know if a ritual for this should be done

May 10, 2020
Hi. I noticed you have a lot of knowledge. I seek your guidance. I broke up with my ex. I did a spell not to get him back. But for us to heal and help from ancestors for guidance and clarity. Boy did I get clarity. So a few things I learned one from the ancestor via dream and a flood of random articles on Facebook that I was dating a narcissist. I also started to research that spells don't affect narcissist or the have the reverse effect on you. So before I knew all this. I did a spell on him for clear communication and for us to understand what each other is experiencing. So we can get closer and move forward.

May 10, 2020
@Sam it depends on if they like you already. If this is a complete stranger, a love spell will probably fade away with next to no results. If this is someone you share a class with, they may notice you more [but you should try to get to know them] if this is a friend, this will have the best results because you're close, know each other, and they are fond of you. As time goes on the energy will fade [true for all spells. Once you achieve the goal, the energy fades away] if you've build a strong relationship, the end of the spell's effects won't matter. Be observant is really the best advice I can give.

May 10, 2020
@NXY ritual as in circle casting, greeting deities, meditation, cake and ale, then spell? Not unless your deities are love deities you wish to call on during the spell. Otherwise, I would cast a circle, maybe meditate [that's how I get into the right state of mind, others drum, dance or chant] but that's it. Go straight to the spell casting.

May 10, 2020
@Mitu A little confused by what your exact question is, but I'll try my best to answer. If you wish to undo the spell, you can cleanse yourself, do a cord-cutting, or look into a reversal spell. If you're questioning if you should get back together with this person, I wouldn't. I dating a narcissist once, and I've been friends with a few, it never ends well. Unless they're willing to fix their personal flaws and work on self-improvement, I would walk away. They only really care about themselves and how their image looks to others. I've never heard of spells not working on a narcissist, but if you're concerned, cleanse and protect yourself. I also recommend the cord-cutting. All it does is cut the energetic ties between you and the person so you can both heal. Lookup a cord-cutting, but basically, visualize yourself standing before the person and a cord attaching you together [what type of cord, how many, and where it's attached is up to you] then visualize yourself cutting through the cord and it turning to dust. You should then see/feel a hole where the cord was attached to you as well as the other person. Send healing energy to yourself to heal that spot, as well as a healing energy to the other person. This will end and close the spiritual bond, as well as sending healing energy to your ex. I would focus on yourself. If you wish to say a positive goodbye to them [say write a letter and burn it] you can, but narcissists feed off others, so unless they're open to your energy, it won't do much. [that's something else some have to consider, sometimes people are so closed off to a person, a spell will bounce off them. A persons own shields and spiritian guardians can stop a spell, but so can them being completely oblivious]

Jun 28, 2020
The spell didn’t even work for me to begin with I put faith in it and be trying it for almost two weeks now this guy had to like me because he used to follow me around to stores and flirt and even sent the kids over to my house to help him flirt and to make sure I’m outside so he can flirt and when I finally told him I’m in love he pushed me away after he recently got finished chasing me around so I’m not gonna lie I’m thinking these spells are fake and are lies every else on said it worked in 24hrs but yet mine took two weeks and still not showing any results of any kind

I know but the person I did it to we already had something going on I just wanted it to stay secure

Mar 11, 2019
Wow! So it really worked? Did it work right then, or in a day?

How many time i have complete it?,,,Can i read this daily or specific time?

Nov 15, 2019
your convinient time

yes, its work for me... Thanku ANGELS.

How long does it take to work?

Nov 16, 2019
depends on a number of factors. be observant, keep a journal, and note any changes over the span of a month, you should notice differences indicating how the spell is working [this could also be you getting the urge to talk to the person as well as them talking to you more frequently, or even seeing patterns]

I am casting this now for 6 days each day few times. but does it work to get a person back nm our life who you havent seen for about 11 months? And how many days should i repeat? thank you

It did work. But, I think it faded, so I just cast it again.....will it work twice?

Dec 07, 2019
The reason I think it faded is because I didn't take enough action in time. But I aim to take action now

Dec 16, 2019
How many times did you do it? Everyday? How long does it take to see the effects?

Dec 17, 2019
I used it twice. 1st time it seemed work within 24 hours. Not completely sure if it's worked the 2nd time

Feb 09, 2020
Did this seriously work , and how long did it take to show results?

Hey, I was just wondering if i can use this on people that i don't actually like(potentially hate). So let's say that i asked somebody out and they decided to publicly embarrass me and spread rumors... Would it work if i used such a spell to make her like me just so that i can reject her and socially embarrass her too. I will keep chanting this spell for a week and comeback with the results, A modified spell may be needed.

Jan 02, 2020
Please try not to use magic to get back at people, it's a powerful thing that shouldn't be used for petty revenge. Don't do what she did it only brings bad karma. The energy you put out into the universe will someday return threefold whether it be positive or negative. Please be careful.

So it really working??

For those of you asking ''Does this work'' I can tell you myself that it does work, but it only works for a few weeks. It worked within 24 hours and then stopped working about a month and a half in.

Jan 08, 2020
I'm glad it worked for you. Regarding it wearing off, all spells wear off in time. Eventually, it fulfills its purpose and without you feeding in more energy, it will wear off. If you cast a love spell and in the time the energy wears off don't put forth the effort to build a strong foundation, you will break up. It's not the spells fault. You asked for your crush to ask you out, they did that, the spell is complete. It works this way for all spells [which is why, after receiving a job offer, you aren't sent a new one every week forever]

How soon will it work and for how long will it last I chanting it 3 hours now still going

Jan 19, 2020
I'm still waiting for my ex gf coming back to me please help me get her back

Feb 09, 2020
Did it work for you?

Apr 02, 2020
It worked for me within 24hrs. Focus only on positive energy. And my SP is very consistent now. Dont forget to remain thankful

Did this really work .please help

Apr 28, 2020
Thank you!!! I remembered to thank my ancestors as well as the guardians and elements I asked for help from.

Is there maybe a ritual or just say it few times?

Hello All, This spell was very successful. It is day two. I did this slight tweaks. First day he did text. Today I did it with candles an alter a cleansing bath. Over the repetition of the spell he messaged twice. It far more then the road blocks I have been getting. My concern is since he messaged did the spell met its purpose? Is this the extent of the spell

Thanks I just need a chance to reconnect. The spell worked 2 times. But if he doesn't choose to spend time then I can't fix our relationship.

Hello , I started doing this spell today I’m just wondering how much I need to say this spell in order for the girl to text me and come back to me , I really like her so much I’ll do anything for her love and affection towards me so please help

Words cannot describe how thankful I am. I waited patiently for only 2 days and the spell worked. Thank you for bringing him back into my life.

Is this black magic or white??

It never worked for me I put a faith in it and all not sure on how many times or how many days I was supposed to chant those words because I chanted it a pretty good amount of times but the spell never indicated how many times to chant it

Jun 25, 2020
It hurts so when I feel like my time got wasted I’m disappointed

Jun 26, 2020
I’m still chanting the spell every now and then now I’m still trying to hold on to faith please angels I beg you to bring my lost love back to me Thank you in advance angels

Jun 27, 2020
I hate to think that this stuff is fake but what am I’m supposed to think when everyone else on here is saying it works in 24hr but I’ve been waiting about two weeks the reality might be that I have to move on and hope to find someone else but I don’t want nobody else nobody knows the extreme of the pain I’m feeling

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