To Get a Lover Back

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Like the title says: use this spell to get a lover back. Spell takes time to work, should be cast Friday in the waxing phase of the moon.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Red Candle
  • 1 Handful of Dried Beans
  • 1 Small Heat Resistant Bowl or small Cauldron

Casting Instructions for 'To Get a Lover Back'

Remember all the good times you and your lover had together, how happy you were, and how happy you both will be again. When ready, light the red candle, feel the warm of your love together in the glow of the flame.

Clasp the beans in your power [writing] hand and feel them being filled with those feelings. Put them in the bowl and move it clockwise above the flame. Say:

"Love that was, please recover. Let us be what we were to one another. As these beans warm, so too will your heart. Return to me, so mote it be".

Remember to put in some effort, talk with your ex, be nice to them, don't push the issue though. This spell might take a while to work, since you're fighting against their won free will.

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So, i was wondering... Who hurt you?

Oct 30, 2019
Are you referring to me? Lol, I posted this years ago because I get tons of requests for love spells, so I posted a bunch to go "here, pick one" nobody hurt me, and I've never wanted to get back with an ex, and am perfectly happy right now. Why do you ask?

How often do I have to do this and which moon phases is best for this spell to be done if not friday?

Apr 02, 2020
New to full if you are pulling energy towards you. Only once works, but if you wish to repeat the spell, each day at the same time until the candle burns out completely [I would start it on the new moon, burn the candle for 5 minutes, then snuff it out, repeat until the full moon and on the full moon, let the candle burn out]

Hi Nekoshema, How are you? Hope you are fine. May I ask, is it that I will let the candle continue to burn till it cease off by itself? How do I discard the candle? Any particular instructions? Also, may I ask, can the dry beans be "Red Beans". What should I do with it after i have warm it above the candle? Your advise is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Apr 02, 2020
Hello, cyn.m, I'm well, hope you are as well ^_^ in answer to your questions, I would use a small red candle [say a tea light or one of those the size of you thumb] You don't need it to burn out, but since you're charging the candle with love energy [specifically for your ex to return] I would only use the candle for love spells. So, either use a small candle so it will burn out quickly, or recast over several nights. [This would add more energy to the spell] You can use red beans, that's what I would use personally. Once you are done with the beans, I would place them in a pink drawstring bag and carry them with you as a charm. After a moon cycle [whether you see results or not] toss the bag with the beans into some running water, toss it into a fire, or bury it under an apple tree. Water is an emotional element and the rushing water will bring change [perfect if this spell didn't work for you and you want to wash away the past] Fire is an element of passion [the flames will bring love quickly] earth is stable and takes longer [I would chose this if you got back together and wish to build a strong foundation] An apple tree is symbolic of love.

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