Relationship Spells

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Spell Index => Love Spells => Relationship Spells

Relationships are built or destroyed on special bonds people have with each other. These magical spells strengthen or weaken those bonds to create new friendships and relationships, or to destroy exitising ones.

When miss-cast these spells often have terrible concequences. Typically all of the caster's bonds are destroyed.

These spells should only be cast by experienced spell casters.

More Free Relationship Spells

Healing a Relationship
Love Guidance
Make His Mom Accept You
Missing Pet
Pregnancy Spell
Revive Friendship
Silver Ring Love Charm
Siren Love Charm
Star of Love
Stop an Argument
Take away Anger and Pain
To Ease a Broken Heart
To Forget about an Ex-lover
Turnip Break up Spell
Vinegar Jar
Already Lovers Spell
Aphrodite's Honey Jar of Love
Apple Peel Divination
Attract Love Perfume Powder
Bay Leaf Wishes
Blood and Love Charms
Break up Candle Spell
Bring Back Lost Love
Close Relationship Spell
Come To Me Quick
Cry of the Sea Love Symbol
Deep Commitment Spell
Dream Of Me (For Girls)
Enchant Sexual Desire Spell
Eternity Love Spell
Family Calming
Forget Your Love For Your Ex
Ghostly Candle
Heal a broken relationship
Hypnotic Love Spell
Invoke Pomba Gira
Joining Together Photo Spell
Long & Happy Relationship
Love for Newbies
Luck & Love Connection
Lust & Desire Spell
Make a Crush Like You: 3 Steps
Make Them a Friend Now
Making Up Spell
Powerful Love Ritual
Reconnects A Broken Love Bond
Return A Love
Romance Spell
Safe Ending To A Spell
Steal Someone's Heart
Tear up a relationship
The Lovers Depart Curse
Think About You Spell
To Clarify Relationships
To Find Love
To Improve Work Relationships
Very Strong Love
White Candle Spell
Acceptance Spell
A Folk Love Spell
A Lost Lover's Rage
A Night You Will Never Forget
A Simple Love
Ask Me Out
A Song For A Valentine
Attract a Lover
Attracting the Love of One
Attraction Charm
Attraction Rose Oil Jar
Attract Love
Attract Your Crush
Attract Your Crush To You
Bewitch the One You Love
Binding of Lovers
Bind Lovers
Blessing Moon Peace
Bonding Ritual
Break a Relationship
Break Hearts
Break up a Couple
Break up a Couple
Break Up A Relationship
Break Ups
Bring Back a Lost Love
Bring Love Soon
Bring Love to Your Life
Bring me Love
Calling Love
Candal Coral of Love
Candle Love Spell
Cemetery Powerful Love Spell
Chants for Love
Charming Someone
Come To Me Love
Complex love spell
Create a Love Charm
Create True Love
Cuipid's Love Spell
Dark Love
Desire Love
Divorce Spell
Dyeing for a Baby
Easy Love
Eden's Enchanting Love
Emotions come forth
Ending a Love Spell
Eternal Love's Return
Exotic Love Spell
Fall in Love
Find a Lover
Finding Love or Romance
Find Your Soulmate
Fire and Blood
Flame of Aphrodite
For a Lover to Come to You
Friendship Magic Bag
Gay Signs
Get rid of anger
Get Someone to Love You
Get the Love you Want
Get Your Ex Back
Good Luck In Love
Grant Love to Someone Else
Gypsy Love Drawing
Having A Helping Paw
Heal a Broken Heart
Heart Heal after a Love
He Loves Me Not
Honey Jar
Honey Sweet
Immortal Love Apple
Infidelity Test for a Woman
Instant Love Brew
Jar Spell to Attract Love
Key to Your Heart
Kiss Me
Latin Love
Love and Chaos
Love Attraction Jar
Love Azula
Love Binding
Love Binding Spell
Love Chant
Love Charm
Love from the Ocean
Love in All Aspects
Lovely Love
Love passed from the Godesses
Love Potion
Love Potion Number Nine
Lover Attraction
Lover's Dream
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell #1
Love Sprinkling
Love to Good
Love Without Seperation
Lunar Love Smoke
Make a New Friend
Make a Person Look at You
Make her Fall for You
Make Him Love You
Make Someone Love You
Make Someone Stop Being Rude
Make Your Crush Love You
Mind Messaging
Mine All Mine
More than a friend
Musical Love Spell
New Love 2014
Obtain Love
One Hell of a Love Spell
Paper Charm to Heal a Heart
Passionate Love Candle
Pink Rose Love Potion
Poppet Binding Spell
Powerful Love Spell
Pregnancy Spell
Protect Your True Love
Real and Working Love
Regaining a Lost Lover
Renew a Relationship
Respect Spell
Reunite with an Ex
Reverse Spell
Ruin Relationship
See Who Likes You
Sever a Bond
Shipment Love
Simple Love Potion
Simple Love Spell
Sirens Love Song
Soul Mate spell
Spell for finding a lost pet.
Spouse Find a New Lover
Steal his Heart
Stone Love
Tea Time
The Lock of Hair
Think of Me
Think of Me Spell
To Bind A Love To You
To Break A Couple Up
To call forth your Soul Mate
To Dominate a Love
To forget my lost love
To Make Someone Think of You
To Summon a Lover
Triple Goddess Love Spell
True Love Spell
Twin Flame
Unbreakable love
Unfaithful Friend
Venus Love Spell
Win Back an Ex Love
Wish Upon A Leaf For Love
Writing letter to universe
7 Day Love Jar
A Reappear Spell
Attraction Charm
BlueGirls Love
Break Up Unfit Couple
Bring your Lover back to You
Christian Latin Love Charm
Communicate Gate
Create Love
Cupids Arrow Prayer
Desire Oil
Draw a New Lover to You
Dreaming Your Crush
Dream of Your True Love
Ease a Broken Heart
Easy yet Powerful Love
Familiar Consecration
Find a Lover
First Love
Forgive me.
Get Your Girlfriend to Agree
God of Thunder Love Spell
Harleen's Love Oil Formulas
Honey Jar Love
Invoking Love
Kaitlyn's Love
Koi's Love Spell
Lilac's Strong Bond Romance
Love Binding
Love brew
Love Chant
Love for Couples
Love Knot Spell
Love Me You Idiot
Love Potion
Lovers spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell for Singles
Madly in Love Spell
Make Her Mine
Make Someone Love You
Marriage Oil
Mood Feeling =
My Love
Night Mother Love
Pagan Love
Potato Skin Curse
Release Tension Spell
Return a Wandering Lover
Reunite Two Lovers
Revenge Breakup Spell
Rope Friendship Ritual
Seven-Knot Love
Silver Ring Love Charm
Simple Love Dourna
Someone Special: Garlic Charm
Spell of True Love
Star-Crossed Love
The Confidence of Love
The J'Adore Spell
To Attract The Opposite Sex
To get a loving Response
To Have Your Love Returned
True Love
True Love Potion
Unite 2 Lovers
Werewolf lover Spell
Win the Heart of One You Love
Your Heart's Desire
10 Ways to Attract Love and Beauty
Candel Coral of Love Spell (Real One)
How to Contact your Spirit Animal
Restore Peace to an Unhappy Home
To Achieve your Heart’s Desire
To Create Opportunities for Love
To Make A Certain Person Love You
To Rekindle your Lover’s Interest
To Win the Heart of the One You Love
A Potion to make you stop Loving Someone
Melt His Heart With Love For You
Verus Diligo - A Spell for True Love
Control Relations with Magic or Mind
Having Trouble Making A Specific Friend
Ice Tray Magic to Transform a Relationship
Men Love Rivals Elimination Ritual
Physical and Spiritual Connection
Reversal for Stop Someone From Crushing On You
Stop Someone From Crushing On You
Summon a succubus non spelling errors
To Allow Two Lovers To Be Together
To bring back an Unfaithful Lover
To Spark Love between Two People
Attract a New Lover to Someone Else
Make Your Crush Fall in Love With You
Remove Obstacles from a Relationship
To Get Your Crush To Ask You Out
attract love and lust
create dream boy/guy spell
Keep Away Spell
Love That Works
Make Your Crush
My Love
Relationship Rescue Pie
Ritual for Prosperous Love
Simple Love Spell
Spell for love in New Moon.
Starting a New
Sweet Spell
The Old
To Find Your True Love
To Win The Love
Unconditional Love
Warm Winter Love
Aphrodites Cast
Apple Love Divination
A Simple Love Spell
Attract the Opposite Sex
Binding a Familiar
Bluen's Satanic Love
Bring Back Lost Love
Candle Flame Love Divination
Come Back To Me
Creature Spawn
Cupid Demon Reverse
Dream of Me
Easy Love
Energy Love
Everlasting Friendship
Family Peace
Forgiveness Spell
Get a Kiss Spell
Have a Person Think About You
Herbal Charm to Attract Love
Innocent Attraction
I Steal Thy Heart
Letter To My Lover
Lost love spell
Love Perfume
Luck Crystal
Luring Love
Maintain Unconditional Love
Make Him Love Me
Make Your Spouse Loyal to You
More Passionate in Bed
Powerful Japanese Love Spell
Powerful Love Spell
Resolving a Quarrel
Reunite Lost Lovers
Runic Love Spell
Spell To Repair A Friendship
Strengthen Your Love
The Cupid Demon
Think About Me
To bring Romantic Love to You
To Draw a New Love to You
To heal a broken relationship
To Intensify Love
Very Strong Love
Abandonment Spell
Add Spice to a Relationship
Akasha's Love Powder
A Lovers Token
Arranging a Relationship
Asking for Love
Ask Them Out, Stay With Them
A Spell to bring Somone Close
Attract a New Person
Attraction Candle
Attraction Perfume
Attraction Spell
Attract Someone in Your Life
Attract your Crush
Be Mine
Bewitch Your Love
Binding Sex
Bind Lovers Together
Boys for Girls
Breakfast for Lovers
Breaking a Love Curse
Break Up A Couple
Break up a Happy Home
Break Up a Relationship
Breakup Spell
Bringing Home Your Soulmate
Bring Love To You
Bring Love to you Sugar
Bring Them Together
Call Your Lover to You
Candle Love Magic
Catnip Attraction
Change a Bully
Charmed Fruit: Love
Closer Friendship
Corpse Bride Love
Create a Spell
Create Your Lover
Crush Spell
Cupids Delight
Demonic Love Spell
Desire Oil
Do you like me?
Easy and Quick Love Spell
Easy Love Potion #1
Elemental Love
Enchanting Love Spell
Erectile Dysfunction Hex
Everlasting Love
Eye for Girls
Fidelity Charm
Finding Love
Find New Love
Find your True Crush
Fire Of Love Oil
Follow me boy
Friendship Knot
Garment Spell for Fidelity
Get A Lover By Midnight
Get Someone To Ask You Out
Get Someone to Love You
Getting Back a Lover Spell
Glimpse of your Soul Mate
Go Separate Ways
Guaranteed Love
Have a lover return
Heal a Broken Heart
Heart be Healed
Hearts Join in Love
Help Find Soulmate
Honey Love Potion
How to Make Friends
Infinte Love
In Your Thoughts
JS Love Spell
Knot Binding Love Co-Op Spell
Letter to Eros (Cupid)
Lost Love Reunion Spell
Love and Desire
Love Attraction Ritual
Love Bath Salt
Love Binding Spell
Love Chant
Love Chant
Love for Love
Love From The Sea
Love list spell
Love Parchment
Love Perfume Mixture
Love Potion for New Beginnings
Love powder/incense
Lover's Brunch
Lovers Soul
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell: The Perfect Love
Love Talisman and Affirmation
Love Voodoo
Lovotikos Magikalicus
Maid Summoning
Make an Ex Move Back With You
Make A Person Love You
Make Him Love You
Make Someone Love You
Make Someone Love You
Make Your Crush Love You
Master's Collar
Mind penetration
Moonlight Kiss Love Charm
More Than Just Friends
Need Love Help? Try This!
Notice Me Spell
Of Me You Will Think
Pagan Wedding Chant
Photogenic Love
Please Love Me
Powerful A Love Spell
Powerful Love Spell
Protection of a relationship
Quiet a Noisy House
Red Apple Love
Relationship Ending Spell
Resolving a Love Triangle
Return to Me
Revenge Break up
Rose of Love
Seal the Deal
See Your Future Husband
Sex Spell
Show Me the One
Simple love spell
Simple Love Spell
Soulmate Spell
Spirit Connection
Star of Love
Sticky Honey Love Spell
Summon Mr.Right
The Honey Jar Spell
The simplest love spell
Think Of Me Crush
Think Pink
To Break a Couple Up
To Break Up A Couple
To Clear the Air between Lover
To Find A Lover
To Heal a Rift
To Stop an Argument
Traditional Dirty Love
Troubled Love
Truth Serum
Ultimate Love Spell
Undo Your Own Soul Bond
Venus Bring Me My Twin Flame
Violet & Daffodil Love Bundles
Wishing spell
Witch Candle
Your Heart be mine
Am I in Love
Attract Mr./Mrs. Right
Break a Couple
Bring Love to You
Calling Your Love
Classic Heathen Love Prayer
Connect with Someone
Creating a Mind Link
Deep True Affection
Divorce/Break up
Dream a Lost Love
Dream of your Lover
Dream Spell
Easy Love Spell
Falling in Love
Familiar Consecration Spell
Find Your Soul Mate
Forgetting A Past Love
Get back your Lover
Get your Lover
Goodbye is Not Enough
Harleen's Apple Binding spell
He Loves Me
Infidelity Test for a Man
Jar Love Spell
Key to Your Heart Spell
Let Love Find Me
Love Binding
Love Binding Potion
Love Chant
Love Charm Bag
Love (For Girls)
Love Me
Love Potion
Lover's Oil
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell by *MentalChild*
Love Spells
Make 2 People Fall in Love
Make Someone Love You
Make someone love you
Message in a Bottle
Moonlight Kiss Love Charm
Nice Love
Non-specific Love
Paper Love
Potion to Stop Loving Someone
Renew Love
Returning Love Spell
Reuniting Reflections Spell
Romance Magnet Oil
Roses Are Red Lover
Silver Pins
Simple Cupid Love
Simple Love Spell
Spell of the One Love
Split Ends
Stop Love
Sweet Jar Candle
The Heart-Shaped Petal
The Sirens
To Get a Lover Back
Together Forever
To Mend A Broken Heart
True Love
Truth's messenger
Unlove Your Ex
Willow Love
Wish Upon a Leaf for Love
Your Heart's Desire
A Simple Spell for Finding Love
Confidence in Social Situations
How To Heal A Very Bad Relationship
The Enchanted Charms For Aphrodite Love Spell
To Attract a Wealthy Male Partner
To Focus your Lover’s Interest
To Obtain Love from a Specific Person
To Rid Yourself of an Unwanted- Admirer
Anti-negativity toward Ex-relation Spell
Breakup, Banish and Get Your Ex Back
To Attract a Lover Suited to You
A Strong Prima Facie Love Spell
Female Admirers (Boys Only) (Latin)
How to Be Attractive to a Certain Person
Love Attraction Magick Mirror Spell
Passionate Love Sea Shell Spell
Reconciliation to Summon a Mutual Love
Spell to make your Husband Loyal
Strawberries for Friendship Potion
The Apple of Love: A Love Drawing Spell
To Bring a New Lover into Your Life
To Liberate Someone From Your Life
Asking Blessings from the Greeks
Fortune and Health Farewell Spell
Obtain Love From a Specific Person.
Retrieve a Friend or Love you Lost
To Liberate Someone From Your Life


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