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~Team Mystic~


Greetings, lovelies. I'm Misa. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to message me. I am happy to chat or offer assistance. I may not answer right away, but I will read and respond to mail as soon as possible.

I've been an Occult practitioner for 17 years; member of the site for 10. I'm the current leader of the Teen Witches group here on SoM.My path is best described as eclectic, Appalachian Folk Magic. I work mainly with ancestral spirits, totems, sigils, and blood magic. I'm also well versed in natural magic and alternative healing practices (crystal healing in combination with Aromatherapy and color therapy.) I am a sensitive and can pick up on spiritual energies and vibrations. I've used my gift to help in my work with cleansing and warding homes in my investigations and work with clients who are victims of spiritual oppression, hauntings, etc.

Outside of all that, I'm an avid gardener, gamer, and lover of fine wines and good cuisine. I cross-stich, crochet, write, and paint all as hobbies. I also dabble in a bit of blogging. I have a blog for witchy things, and have recently started a new project.A place to share ghoulish tales and mysterious from the Appalachian Mountains and surrounding areas. Have a story to share? Let me know and I'll add it to the blog!

~Magical Studies & Practices~

  • Curse Work
  • Blood Magic
  • Sigils - Creation & Use.
  • Ritual Crafts - Candle Making, Ritual Soaps, Dream Catchers, etc.
  • Enchanting - Charging talismans and amulets for drawing energies, protection, etc.
  • Spirit Work and Spirit Communication -Comprised of work with ancestral spirits, Fae, Nature Spirits, etc. I am also a sensitive, and have worked in cases where spirits need to be removed from spaces and helped to cross over.
  • Deity Shadowing - Lesser forms of spirit channeling.
  • Hedgecraft - Natural magic, herb magic, crystals, etc.
  • Healing - Energy and Crystal healing.
  • Herbalism - Healing, remedies.
  • Sympathetic Magics - Candles, poppets, knot magic, etc.
  • Divination - Ceromancy & Tarot
  • Kemeticism - Revival of ancient Egyptian religious practices. Devout of Bast and Anpu. Currently working on building a working relationship with Asir and Het-Hert.



''I am the big, bad wolf.''

''Trust, much like respect, is not freely given. It is earned. Remember that.''

"There is beauty in darkness, but you must not allow yourself to be consumed by it."

''He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster.And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.'' - Friedrich Nietzsche