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Name: Misanthropy
Birthday: Nov 22
Location: The Misty Mountains
Gender: Female
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~This & That~

I am a healthcare worker that is a duel major in psychology and education. I have been practicing the occult for 20 years; spirit worker for 17. I am an Appalachian folk/hedge witch from the Northern Hemisphere. My practices greatly involve tradition and practices handed down through family generations. I am ordained through the Universal Life Church and am able to officiate weddings and handfastings. I have led a small, local coven called The Daughters of Nyx (I didn't pick the name it was chosen by group vote), as well as study groups, workshops, and groups here on SoM.

All that aside, in my spare time, I love to garden, crochet, play video games, read, and spend time with my family and fur/scaly babies. I own a small farm and work very closely with nature and the energies and beings (both living and spiritual) that inhabit it.

Magic is both loving and cruel just as nature itself is both loving and cruel. The question is, are you the spider or the fly? Which do you choose to become? Which archetype do you choose to embody?I personally walk a path in the gray. I heal and hex as need dictates.


~Specific Areas of Practice~

  • Blood Magic

  • Sigils - Creation & Use

  • Appalachian Folk Magic - practices, beliefs, magic, superstitions, etc from the misty mountains of WVa.

  • Lunar Magic - Magic based around the moon and its cycles.

  • Spirit Work - Channeling/Shadowing, Invocation/Evocation, Veil Treading, Spirit Communication, Spirit Removal, Spiritual Counseling (regarding spiritual oppression, attachment, hatunings, etc), and several other areas. - Spirits & Deities I work with (or have worked with in the past) Include: Anpu(Anubis) | Bast | Decarabia | Sallos | Pomba Gira | Hecate | Elementals & Various Fae | Ancestral Spirits | Deer Spirit | Red Tailed Hawk Spirit.

  • Crystals - Self-taught crystal healer; use my abilities for both my benefit and the benefit of others.

  • Herbs - Magic & Remedies

  • Energy Work

  • Sympathetic Magic - Cords, Poppets, Candles, etc.

  • Animal parts and components; in relation to their utilization in spell and ritual work.

  • Cursework

  • Thoughtform Creation

  • Psychological Studies; as they pertain to magical practice.