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Name: Misanthropy
Birthday: Nov 22
Location: The Misty Mountains
Last Seen: Wed, 18 Sep 2019

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Coven Title: Council
Position: Publisher
Authority: Moderator

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Things to Note :

  • My profile (and pic) changes daily; depending on my mood or what I find on Pinterest that day.
  • I am a severe asthmatic and, because of complications brought about by my asthma and other respiratory health issues, I will not be on quite as often as before. Mail may have a longer than normal response time.
  • Any mail sent to me, without a subject, will be deleted and ignored. Likewise, any spell regarding tarot readings, teaching, spell casting, fluff nonsense, or mail that simply says "hi" or "hello" will also be sent to the trash bin.


Introduction :

  • Personality Type: Logistician -ISTJ-T
  • Hogwarts House :Gryffindor
  • Zodiac : Sagittarius, Scorpio cuspian.
  • Chinese Zodiac : Horse
  • Favored Music: Nightcore
  • Favorite Movies : Se7en, Pet Semetery(1989), Day of the Dead (1985), Hocus Pocus, Young Frankenstein, and Rigor Mortis.

I am not at all nice or friendly. I'm the resident grump and a hopeless introvert. I'm overly blunt, cynical, and critical of just about everything; do not take it personally. I am also sassy, sarcastic, and a general displeasure to be around. If I am amiable with you, consider yourself one of the lucky (or perhaps unlucky?) few that I either enjoy conversation with or do not find to be a total annoyance. That said, I have great respect for my elders and any that have dedicated themselves to their path, practice, passion, etc and treat them as such.

I'm an Education major; minoring in Psychology. (Formerly a Psych major; minoring in sociology.) My goal is to get my Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education and one day teach Kindergarten. I am panromantic and pansexual, and a strong supporter of the LGBT and mental health communities. I personally suffer from Persistent Depressive Disorder with Anxious Distress. I am also an advocate for animal rights and run a small rescue and foster for cats and kittens.

I'm a lover of fine cuisine, strong coffee, chocolates, and good wine. In my free time I enjoy anime, gardening, poetry, writing, cross-stitch, crocheting, video games (specifically Fantasy and MMORPGs on the PC) and reading classic literature. My current game focus at the moment is Monster Hunter World and Guild Wars 2. I also play a lot of (or have played a lot of) Skyrim, Neverwinter, SW: TOR, Final Fantasy, D&D, DCUO, Rift, WoW and Dead Frontier 2. I love SU and Lapidot is my OTP.


Magic & The Occult :

I am well versed in Blood Magic, Appalachian Folk Magic, Spirit Work (various areas and aspects of it), Crystals, Herbs, Energy Work, Sympathetic Magic, Cursework, Thoughtform Creation, and Psychological Studies; as they pertain to magical practice.I am also a self-taught crystal healer and use my abilities for both my benefit and the benefit of others.

I am ordained through the Universal Life Church and am able to officiate weddings and handfastings. I also act as a spiritual counselor when dealing with matters of spirit oppression, attachments, etc.

I am not religious and quite jaded to the idea of religion(s) in general. I personally feel that religion is a means to control the people/populace and manipulate the status quo. I do not believe in the 3 fold law or karmic retribution. I practice as I see fit to practice, be it beneficial or baneful. If you respect my beliefs, I will respect yours. I walk a pathway shrouded in darkness and find comfort in its shadows. I imagine most of what I do would make the common folk cringe. That said, good and evil, light and dark, are subjective. Do not assume that all people, paths, or practices share your beliefs or ideology.

"Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly." ~ Charles Addams


Spirits I Work With:

  • Pomba Gira
  • Anpu
  • Bast
  • Het-Hert
  • Decarabia
  • A Deer Spirit
  • A Red Tailed Hawk Spirit
  • Ancestral Spirits
  • A Variety of Elementals & Mischievous Fae



"Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength." ~ Eric Hoffer

"Don't concern yourself with the opinions of those who judge you. That is placing on them an importance they do not have." ~ Donna Lynn Hope

"The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge." ~ Elbert Hubbard