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Name: Misanthropy
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~Brief Intro~

I'm a former Healthcare worker and have my teaching certification. I've worked as a CNA and ICA in long-term care facilities and am certified to teach preschool or do daycare work in the early childcare setting. Due to health issues, I now stay at home and tend to my small farm. I work with poultry and raise vegetable, herb, and fruit crops.

I have been on this site for around 13 or 14 years; 8 of those years have been on this account. I work with many things, but my path is one veiled in darkness. I'm a Folkwitch from the Appalachian mountains. I'm a spiritworker, healer, and (when the need calls for it) a curseweaver. I have 21 years of experience with magic and occult work. I am a collector of bones, and would consider myself a vulture culture enthusiast. I'm a lover of the macabre; finding beauty in darkness. Weave your own fate. Always be the spider, never the fly.

~Specific Areas of Occult Work~

  • Blood Magic

  • Sigils - Creation & Use

  • Appalachian Folk Magic - practices, beliefs, magic, superstitions, etc from the misty mountains of WVa.

  • Lunar Magic - Magic based around the moon and its cycles.

  • Spirit Work -Channeling/Shadowing, Invocation/Evocation, Veil Treading, Spirit Communication, Spirit Removal, Spiritual Counseling (regarding spiritual oppression, attachment, hatunings, etc), and several other areas. - Spirits & Deities I work with (or have worked with in the past) Include: Anpu(Anubis) | Bast | Decarabia | Sallos | Pomba Gira | Hecate | Elementals & Various Fae | Ancestral Spirits | Deer Spirit | Red Tailed Hawk Spirit.

  • Crystals - Self-taught crystal healer; use my abilities for both my benefit and the benefit of others.

  • Herbs - Magic & Remedies

  • Energy Work

  • Sympathetic Magic - Cords, Poppets, Candles, etc.

  • Animal parts and components; in relation to their utilization in spell and ritual work.

  • Cursework

  • Thoughtform Creation

  • Psychological Studies; as they pertain to magical practice.


"When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you." - Friedrich Nietzsche