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Teen Witches is a coven dedicated to the education and growth of beginners on the path of magical practice. We strive to give our members the tools they need to move forward as magical practitioners.

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." - Anthony J. D'Angelo

More about Teen Witches

Teen Witches is currently accepting applications!

  • Our forums on SoM serve as an archive for the Houses. We do have regular posts, discussions, etc here but the majority of our activity is on our member only discord. There WILL be more houses coming soon!

Welcome to Teen Witches!

In our coven, we select those to teach of the basics of magick that is tied with an animal, sharing a house. At this time, we only have one house and are currently working together until we get beginners on their feet, until branching into other houses with their own topics of the headmasters choice to teach.

House: Snail

Leaders : Crystalpink __Amber__

We work slowly with our members making sure they will understand the topics they are learning and get the experience we strive for them to get closer to their goal as a magick user. We are a family-friendly house that works closely together and will do what we can to expand your knowledge as far as we can when we dive into the basics of magick and spellcasting.

We cover : Meditation, Grounding, Shielding, Protection, Basic Spellcasting, Cleansing, and Correspondences.

Applying to Teen Witches:

If you would like to be considered for a membership here, please send CrystalPink the following information:

You need to both send a list of the completed application questions to me ( CrystalPink ) and click on the apply button on our coven page, if you would like to be considered to be accepted.

  • Age:
  • Your Experience:
  • Areas of Study or Interest:
  • What is Magick to you?:
  • Why did you choose to apply this coven, what stuck out to you?:
  • How active are you willing to be?:
  • Do you have now or have you had any other accounts on SoM? If so please list them:

If there is anything else you would like to add to your application, please do so.
You will be sent mail stating that you have been either accepted or rejected within 24-48 hours of your application to the coven by the high priestess.

High Priestess
High Priest
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