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Welcome to Teen Witch's Coven of the Night Sky (Night Sky Coven for short)

Welcome to our page! First and foremost, that name may be confusing. Simply put, Teen Witches was a little too exclusionary and had some bad implications for when members are older than teens. So we're changing it up a bit! Our coven operates primarily through discord, which is required to join. Because of this, we have more members than what the count below displays, as we accept applications from other sites.

We hold semi-regular meetings and celebrations, and are working to reinstate our lesson system as well as start up a ton of semi-regular witchy events. We welcome all paths, beliefs, and lifestyles.

Our Social Medias

Instagram: @nightskycoven

Twitter: @nightskycoven

Tumblr: Coming Soon

Requirements to Join:

  • No bigots allowed, including homophobia, transphobia, racism, etc.
  • You must have a discord account or be willing to make one.
  • You must be aged 14-18.
  • You must have three or more months of experience.

  • How to apply for Teen Witches:
    Fill out the following form to our High Priestess (sylvie189) and click the apply button above (Any applications without applying above or with the filled in application will be ignored)

    • Your age and pronouns
    • Your years of experience
    • Time zone and country
    • Define magic (be as specific as possible)
    • Your practices/desired practices (be as specific as possible)
    • Why you chose to apply to this coven
    • How active you are willing to be on the Discord server
    • Your desired lifestyle (this does have a purpose, be specific here as well. think ideal living environment, goals, etc)
    • Any other accounts you have on SoM

    You may be asked additional questions following the submission of your application. Applications for council members are currently closed.

    Your application will be voted on by the coven, and you will receive a message regarding whether you have been accepted.

    Failure to contribute to the coven will result in removal

    High Priestess
    * All information on this page is provided by the coven or person named and the contents of this page is not mediated by the administrators of the website. Please use common sense when following any directions on this page. Do not ingest anything which does not seem safe. If you suspect the content of this page to be intentionally deceiving please contact us immediately.