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  • 13 Wiccan Principles by Doctor Voo (members only)
    Not every Wiccan follows the thirteen Wiccan principles Some Wiccans do not even agree with them. However, for those who might be interested they are as followed:
  • Absent Healing
    This article covers energy healing over long distances.
  • Agrimony
    Medicinal and Magical properties of agrimony.
  • Akhu and Muuet (members only)
    A post that Kebs wrote on Akhu and Muuet. By: Kebs
  • Anpu (members only)
    Information on the god Anpu.
  • Aromatherapy
    Some basic information on aromatherapy.
  • Article Creations
    In this "Article" style tutorial, I will tell you some basic information need to know before creating your first article. Articles are not meant to "copy & paste" information.
  • Aset and the Black Isis
    An article I (Kebby) wrote about Aset and the Black Isis. This puts forth my opinion about their connection and the different thoughts behind the Black Isis.
  • Ask a Tree a Question
    This ritual lets you ask a tree a question.
  • Astral Travel
    Astral Projection, out of body experience, and lucid dreaming. Don't you want to know what the other side will be like?
  • Astral Travel (members only)
    A description of astral projection by demidevil2
  • Aura Color (members only)
    These colours can also be not only refered to the aura but as well as Dream colors. By: DivineHope
  • Automatic Writing
    Automatic writing is a form of divination taking words from the subconscious mind and translating them onto paper almost like a game of unscrambling the words to determine what your subconscious is trying to tell you.
  • Automatic Writing Info (members only)
    Automatic Writing Info By: LadyDemoness
  • Basic Cone of Protection (members only)
    By: DemiDevil2 Dec 09, 2012
  • Basic Keys for Success By: DemiDevil2 (members only)
    Spells are not to be taken or considered lightly. Before performing any spell, there are certain key elements you must meet in order to bring your spell to fruition.
  • Basic Sigil (members only)
    A sigil is a magickal symbol used to help one with what they wish. (Money, love, fame, protection and much more)By: Antiquus Feb 02, 2013
  • Bast (members only)
    Information on the Goddess Bast.
  • Bead Voodoo Dolls (members only)
    Bead Voodoo Dolls and their color correspondences by risenruyby
  • Beginning Tarot
    An Overview of tarot for those wishing to learn this form of divination
  • Beltane (members only)
    Information on the holiday Beltane. Originally contributed by Doctor Voo.
  • Beltane
    I wrote this to describe one of the Pagan Sabbats Beltane. Contributed by dianeknutzen.
  • Big Netjer, Little Netjer (members only)
    I've explained before in other posts some small differences between Netjer and netjer, but I have not written out an entire explanation of the differences and how the two meet and connect to each other. This will be an endeavor to describe the differences in a way which is understandable to all.
  • Candle Magic (members only)
    A description of Candle Magic written by dianeknutzen.
  • Candle Magic (members only)
    Candle Magic, By happymermaid
  • Ceromancy (members only)
    Information on divination via use of candle wax.
  • Chakras (members only)
    A description of chakras by DanniBird
  • Chakras
    A discussion about chakras from my (Kebby's) perspective.
  • Chakras aka Body Energy (members only)
    Chakras aka Body Energy By:Magikalrain
  • Chicory
    Magical and medicinal uses of Chicory.
  • Color Therapy
    Information on working with the healing powers of color.
  • Combustible Incense
    Information on making your own combustible incense.
  • Controlling Your Empathy
    A short discussion on how to control your empathy so it does not negatively effect you written by me (Kebby).
  • Coven FAQs
    Information on covens here on SoM and in the real world.
  • Crystal & Energy Healing
    In this article, we will discuss holistic healing via crystals and their energy.
  • Crystals and Magic (members only)
    Introductory information on crystals and their uses in magic.
  • Cult of Wesir (Osiris) (members only)
    Most of this information was referenced from my memory. That which was not directly referenced from my memory has been separated from the rest of the text, and given the origin within parentheses.
  • Dealing with Spirits
    How to get rid of negative spiritual influences and how to protect yourself from them.
  • Deity Channeling (members only)
    Information on deity channeling.
  • Dream Journals (members only)
    Information on dream journals.
  • Elemental Associations of Instruments
    These are the elemental correspondences of different types of instruments for ritual use. I first learned of them in the Scott Cunningham books Wicca: A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner, and Earth, Air, Fire Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic. I hope you all can make use of them.
  • Elementals (members only)
    Information on elementals and how to work with them.
  • Elements (members only)
    * Fire (Aries, Leo Sagittarius)* Earth (Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio) * Air (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra) * Water (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) By: keithkawaii
  • Embracing the Night Ritual
    A ritual to help, embrace the night and start your path to the darker aspects of magick.
  • Empowerment Ritual
    This ritual will increase your magical powers and energy. I consider this one of the most important rituals to perform, as it will truly increase your powers tenfold.
  • Enemy Jar Spell
    Information on making a jar spell to use against your enemies.
  • Energy Flow & Control IMV (members only)
    Within energy flow and control I include basic lessons on it that you should try out when you get a chance to, shielding and circle casting, as well as my take on grounding and centering.
  • Energy Healing (members only)
    A description of energy healing by Antiquus.
  • Energy Raising (members only)
    Information on generating energy for spells and ritual workings.
  • Evil Eye (members only)
    A description of the evil eye by happymermaid.
  • Evoke vs Invoke (members only)
    A comparison of evocation and invocation by demidevil2
  • Feather, Fang, & Heart (members only)
    Use of feathers, bone, and antlers in magical practice.
  • Gems and Metals: Magical Properties (members only)
    A description of gems/metals and their magical uses by DemiDevil2
  • Grounding (members only)
    Grounding by: Happymermaid
  • Harmful Crystal Cleansing
    Some crystals can be damaged in certain methods, this article explains which ones.
  • Hellenic Virtues (members only)
    Hellenic Virtues By:NOVEMPACEM
  • Herb of the Day (members only)
    A list of herbs by: midnightaura
  • Herbs for Cold & Flu (members only)
    Information on herbs that have natural healing and immune boosting properties.
  • Hinduism (members only)
    A summary of Hinduism written by dianeknutzen
  • How To: Astral Project (members only)
    A short guide on how to Astral Project by Otter.
  • How To: Astral Project
    A short guide on how to Astral Project by Otter.
  • How To:Petition Prayer
    Steps on making your own petition paper.
  • How To:War Water
    Use for protection, reversing/placing curses, banishing negativity, etc.
  • How to create Astral Weapons (members only)
    This article will show you a method that you can use to protect yourself on the Astral and Physical Plane against Astral Entities.
  • Hypnotism (members only)
    Hypnotism By: Camio
  • I Purify
    A traditionally based piece of heka that is intended to purify oneself through the heka of Qebhwt.
  • Intro to Channelling (members only)
    Intro to Channeling By: LadyDemoness
  • Introduction to Runes (members only)
    What is Rune magick? The usage of symbols, that are complex to be used to ones advantage, each symbol containing a certain property and meaning.
  • Introduction to VooDoo Dolls (members only)
    Intro to Voodoo by LadyDemoness
  • Is Wicca Ancient? (members only)
    Did you ever stop and wonder about your Wiccan religion, and just where it came from? By: Lark
  • Kemetic Terms: A Guide (members only)
    A Guide to Understanding the Terms Kebs Uses I thought it might be of use to people if I were to make a Kemetic Terms Dictionary, as I often use these in my threads, comments, and chat discussions.
  • Kemeticism (members only)
    Information on Kemeticism: Beliefs, Ethics, etc.
  • Kitchen Witchery (members only)
    Information on working magic in the kitchen.
  • Knot and Cord Magic (members only)
    Information on working with knot and cord magic.
  • Lammas (members only)
    Information on the Holiday Lammas. Originally contributed by Doctor Voo.
  • Lesson 1.1: Meditation By:LadyDemoness (members only)
    Meditation: Is an practice and uses the focus of sound, various objects, visualization, breathing, gazing, and more. To increase the practitioner's focus/awareness.
  • Lesson: Writing your own Spells (members only)
    A short lesson on how to write spells by Lady Demoness
  • Love in magick
    This is to break down many perspectives of love spells and beliefs in this category since it seems to be the reason most people come to this site
  • Lucid Dreaming (members only)
    This is an article about what you need to know about lucid dreaming and where to begin.
  • Mabon (members only)
    Information on the Autumn Equinox Holiday, Mabon. Originally contributed by Doctor Voo.
  • Magic Circles (members only)
    A description of magic circles by pink_shotgun
  • Magical Herbs and their Uses (members only)
    A list of herbs and their magical uses by DemiDevil2
  • Meditation From My View (members only)
    Meditation is used to bring about a different state of mind within a person. By: Hades1
  • Meditation and Yoga (members only)
    I thought this was an interesting article. http://www.theosophy-nw.org/theosnw/path/oc-gdep3.htm Meditation and Yoga By G. de Purucker By Phoenix68k
  • Mediumship (members only)
    Please keep this in the coven.
  • Mirrors
    Information on mirrors in magic, myth, and folklore.
  • Natron (members only)
    Natron is a salt like item which is used for purification of the body before and after death. It generally is used to refer to refers to sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, and/or sodium sulfate.
  • Non-combustible Incense
    Information on making your own non-combustible incense.
  • Opening your Third Eye
    This article shows you how to open your Third Eye.
  • Ostara (members only)
    Information on the Spring Equinox holiday, Ostara. Originally contributed by Doctor Voo.
  • Ouija Boards (members only)
    A description of Ouija Boards. By: happymermaid
  • Ouija: Mystery & History
    History and information on the Ouija board.
  • Pendulums (members only)
    With some help from Wikipedia
  • Poppets (members only)
    Information on poppets and their use in magic and spellwork.
  • Precognition and You (members only)
    Some knowledge on Precognition and some personal experiences.
  • Prepartory black magic (members only)
    Before cast black magic
  • Protection Spell
    Information on making a protection spell.
  • Recipe:Dove's Blood Ink
    Use for workings of love, fertility, peace, friendship, etc.
  • Recipe:Dragon's Blood Ink
    Use to add power and potency to your workings.
  • Reversals
    This includes a general discussion on the reversal of any spell, ritual, or otherwise, as well as ways to reverse. This was written by me (Kebby).
  • Reversals
    A great article on reversing your actions. By:Dannibird
  • Rose Symbolism (members only)
    Roses have always been associated with love and romance, however, rose colors mean so much more.
  • Samhain
    Information on the "End of Summer" festival, or the Samhain. Originally contributed by Doctor Voo.
  • Santeria (members only)
    A description of Santeria written by Dianeknutzen
  • Signs and Beliefs by Brim (members only)
    All beliefs are listed alphabetically
  • Simple Candle Ritual
    Simple altar candle ritual used to purify one's items on the altar.
  • Simple Relaxation Ritual (members only)
    Just something that I tend to do, and I thought I would share.
  • Solitary Witches intiation
    How to be initiated as a witch if your working alone. (I got this ritual from a website and is not mine.)
  • Spell Casting (members only)
    General info on spell casting.
  • Spirit Guides (members only)
    Description of spirit guides by Antiquus and DanniBird
  • The Basics By: Antiquus Feb 13, 2013 (members only)
  • The Basics: From My View (members only)
    A basic is a building block, a foundation for the building you are about to build. In this case, the building you are building is a life path, it is a way of living your life such that you grow internally, and as a result further yourself in life.
  • The Charge to New Initiates
    This is part of Lady Sheba's First Degree Initiation Ritual, where it is given as a speech made to the Candidiate by the High Priestess
  • The Elements (members only)
  • The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
    This should always be used before conjuring spirits.
  • The Very Basic Basics... By: midnightaura Feb 02, 2013 (members only)
    The following thread is based on things that my teacher taught me when I was new to magic. All of this information is from within my book of shadows.
  • The Wiccan Way (members only)
    The Wiccan Way, By: Happymermaid
  • The Wiccan Way of Life (members only)
    What Does It Mean To Be Wiccan? To be Wiccan is to worship the Goddess and her companion the HornedGod, and to follow the philosophies, ethics and practices of the Old Religion.
  • Things About Cleansing (members only)
    A Clensing Article By: LadyDemoness
  • Third Eye Ritual
    Perform this ritual to improve psychic powers three days before the moon is full and preferably when it is in either the astrological sign of Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio.
  • Thought and Magic (members only)
    Information on thought and its power in magical workings.
  • Thoughtforms (members only)
    Information on thoughtforms and how to create them
  • Tips for Beginners
    Beginner spells, tips, and ideas.
  • Tricking the Mind (members only)
    A description of how to trick the mind by Antiquus.
  • Visualization (members only)
  • Visualization In My View (members only)
    Visualization is the act of giving rise to our imagination. It sounds very strange to put it to terms like that, however, I will explain.
  • Voodoo Dolls (members only)
    Introduction to Voodoo Dolls
  • Wicca 101 FAQ - The Basics (members only)
    An article from: http://wicca.timerift.net/wicca101/Basics.shtml#1
  • Writing Spells (members only)
    Wiritng Spells by: LadyDemoness
  • Your Intentions (members only)
    An Article on Intent by: LadyDemoness
  • Yule (members only)
    Information on the Holiday known as Yule. Originally contributed by Doctor Voo.

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