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This spell is to see if the person you like likes you back. There are two wats you can do this. Hopefully this tells you something! Good luck! -MagicSparklz
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • A flower of your choice
  • A piece of blank paper
  • A pen
  • A bowl

Casting Instructions for 'Does your crush like you back?'

Way #1:

-Get a bowl (large or small) and fill it halfway with water. Take a half teaspoon of salt and close your eyes. Imagine you with your crush. Slowly start to pour the salt in and say:

"Gods of love, please tell me the answer I crave. Tell me if our love is true!"

Then, take a half teaspoon of sugar and Imagine you showing hin your love and affection. Then say:

"Gods of love, I wish to know if (insert the name of your crush here) shares the same emotions as I do with him. Tell me the answer I desire!"

Take a spoon and mix the salt, sugar and water together. While mixing, imagine your crush giving you love and affection back. Then say:

"O, gods of love! Tell me the answer I wish to know, so mote it be!"

Leave the mixture in a very safe place. Come back to it in 7 days, and drink the whole thing. If it tastes sweet, your crush likes you! If it tastes salty, he doesn't feel the same way towards you. If it tastes sweet AND salty, your crush may start liking you back!

Way #2:

Take a blank sheet of paper and a pen. Write down your crush's information on it (Ex: Name, age, zodiac, what you like about him, and other information you would like to include!). Once you wrote down your crush's information, fold the paper hamburger style if you think your crush likes you and hot dog style if you think your crush doesn't like you. Do the steps in Way #1, but don't leave the mixture out and don't drink it. Take a flower and put it in the mixture. Leave it in or a couple of seconds while thinking about your crush. Then take it put and shake it onto your folded paper and say:

"O gods of love, tell me if (insert the name of your crush here) likes me or not, so mote it be!"

Place the flower on top of the paper and leave it somewhere safe. Come back to it in 7 days. If the flower is withered or dried up, your crush doesn't like you. If the flower is still fresh, your crush likes you. If the flower is partially dried, your crush may start to like you.

I hope this want too hard for any of you guys, and I hope this works for you! Good luck, and be blessed!

-MagicSparklz 💜

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I hope this works


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I hope it works

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