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Name: Emoinpink_1
Birthday: Sep 1 2004
Location: why Am I important to you????? Also waiting for death
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 18 Jan 2019
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WARNING-IM KINDA ANTI SOCIAL AND DONT CALL ME PRETTY OR CUTE :( First before you read I?m the same as minowe_1 and I deleted strdom_2 account and if u wanna see what I look like my photos are public and I?m probably going 2 be annoying as heck to some people anyways here?s a poem I wrote Fake I fake my smile I fake my happiness I?m a daughter hiding depression A teen girl gone deep inside her self A person who hides her true feelings I keep my feelings locked inside I say I?m fine pretending and lying to myself,I knowm dying inside but I don?t care I just want to disappear Inside, my soul dies slowly turns a tainted black (Extra I?m not afraid to fall in love again I?m just afraid that I?ll fall in love with the wrong person again I smile cause I don?t want you to see me crying you hate me I hate me too i?ve always have people near me but they always disappear when I have value for them I don?t cry cause I feel vulnerable trust takes years to build but I when you brake it u never earn it back) facts about me I?m bullies at schoool cause I?m Native American I?m adopted I?ve been hurt and lied to before I trust to easily I?ve been broken very bad I?m not christen sorry I?m kinder than most people I?m quite I stay out of peoples way most of the time I have no friends at school cause of my beliefs I can create psi balls I can heal things (some things) I can summon weather somtimes with a Native American chant /song