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Name: CynthiaB
Birthday: Mar 6 1967
Location: Colorado
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Merry meet. I am new to the group but not new to this way of life. I have seen and been able to interact with the dead since I was five and began having visions and doing readings when I was 12. To me,this way of life is ever changing,always growing and I will not pass up any chance that I am granted to learn more about this way of life from other ppl's perspective's. I look forward to meeting new, like minded ppl. So if you would like to ask me something or simply say hi that would be fine. Please do not think that just because I do readings that I somehow,some way owe you one. Also,I am by no means an 'open book' I have my secrets. I am also,to much dismay,human and therefor have my own problems so please don't load me down with yours right off the bat. I think that about covers it for now. I am also looking for like minded ppl in my area that would like to meet for gatherings and invite others to join us.