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Name: Ictos
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Your intentions and desires are for you to act on! Not to scapegoat unto others to see your goals to fruition. Sow and you will reap, give and you will receive, put in and you will get back. Ask me whatever you like, but do you know the question to the answer you seek? Like a skeleton key, they open the doorways to understanding.

The loudest words of wisdom,

Are heard in complete silence

I've walked a solitary path for the majority of my practice; correlating, discussing and learning with many, executing and understanding with few to none. I've been a student since 2008, starting with the studies of history, mythology, and religion.

Since this time, I've studied and used divination extensively, implementing it in both my formal and casual rituals. I'm far from a rigid practitioner who adheres to a strict dogma, though my code of ethics would say otherwise. I am a firm believer that everything is learned at a specific time, and if forced, the information will take no hold to the muscle memory, nor introduce beneficial progression. Some things learned, other people aren't ready or able to learn and so this leads to my next practice, the science of silence.

I am an oath-bound practitioner. I do not identify or speak of the entities I work with. This is an embodiment of the respect I have for the lessons I've learned, not an act in which I have previously or presently taken advantage of. They are mentors, kin, allies, and above all, antagonists along my path.

Understanding is a process that is never ending. We are immortal gods living in a mortal world; here to improve and be improved. Along this journey, we are met with times of hardship, do we turn with tucked tails, or do we forge forward? No matter your decision, understanding is gained through recollection, reflection, and consideration.