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Your intentions and desires are for you to act on! Not to scapegoat unto others to see your goals to fruition. Sow and you will reap, give and you will receive, put in and you will get back. Ask me whatever you like, but do you know the question to the answer you seek? Like a skeleton key, they open the doorways to understanding.

Understanding is a process that is never ending. We are immortal gods living in a mortal world; here to improve and be improved. Along this journey, we are met with times of hardship, do we turn with tucked tails, or do we forge forward? No matter your decision, understanding is gained through recollection, reflection, and consideration.

I am a shaman, spirit-worker, and polytheistic reconstructionist. I believe all religions, myths, and sagas hold their own respective truth, and I recognize multiple deities from different pantheons, mostly Norse, Egyptian, and Greek. I perform what some may call occult practices, others, witchcraft. My practices are varied, and often times I'll go months without doing much more than meditating, cleansing, and banishings, however magic is something that rests deeply inside of me, even if neglected, it's always there, patiently waiting. I have been an occultist for three quarters of my life, and I serve my community with what I have learned. I am a firm believer that everything comes full circle at one time or another, and I do my best to create my own in many more ways than just that one.

If you're looking for guidance on your path, please be mindful that I'm not the most experienced person in any one thing, and I am certainly no master or advanced practitioner, but I do have a lot of experiences in both life and with magic. I love being able to help people, but I won't help someone who won't help themselves. I enjoy fantasy literature, however I do not enjoy discussions on fantasy. I'm here to discuss actual magic, not the sort of magic that you see portrayed in Hollywood films. I appreciate it when I'm talking to someone who has common sense and is able to spell legibly and be respectful; it makes for a more enjoyable and worthwhile conversation. Before you ask me for help, please keep in mind that I will most likely direct you to the general information forum and suggest that you read the pinned posts and then take it from there with you (depending on your question). If I can't answer your question, I probably know someone on here who can, or I know the direction to point you in. I won't answer questions or mails regarding or including:

  • Disrespectful messages
  • Easily researched questions
  • Fanatical questions
  • Personal questions
  • Statements proclaiming the impossible

Practices & Studies

  • Ceremonial Rituals
  • Crystals/Gems/Stones
  • Deities/Spirits/Wights
  • Divination
  • Energy Magics
  • Herbalism
  • Hermeticism
  • Intuitive Abilities
  • Mythology
  • Offerings
  • Trancings
  • Shamanism

Magic Links & Resources

  • Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft: Raymond Buckland
  • Buckland's Book of Spirit Communications: Raymond Buckland
  • Complete Book of Incense, Oils, and Brews: Scott Cunningham
  • Cunningham's Book of Shadows: Scott Cunningham
  • Divination for Beginners: Scott Cunningham
  • Modern Magick: Donald Michael Kraig

General occult reading. Contains Norse Sagas/Eddas, to Greek mythology, to the predictions of Nostradamus:

  • www.sacred-texts.com

If you're looking into symbolism, be it ancient, religious, or new age, I would suggest:

  • www.symboldictionary.net/?page_id=1603

If you're 100% fresh and new to magic and to this site, I would suggest these

  • www.spellsofmagic.com/read_topic.html?topic=5
  • www.spellsofmagic.com/featured_articles.html

For all of your dictionary and thesaurus needs:

  • http://www.dictionary.com