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Unleash your aura that's been locked up! Once summoned, you may use your aura for powers and tricks with it involved. This is real! I've done it! I promise!
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your mind
  • A calm setting

Casting Instructions for 'Unlock your Aura'

This will unlock your inner aura.

First, close your eyes. Relax and remove all thoughts from your mind. Pretend you're in a room. The room is completely white. There is nothing in the room; no furniture, no decorations, just plain blank white.

On the other side of the room, you notice, is a door. The door is also plain white. Now make yourself head over towards the door. Now, reach out your hand and firmly grasp the doorknob. Feel the cold dry metal under your palm. Even though its in your mind, still pretend that you are actually feeling all of this. Feel like you're experiencing this all yourself in reality.

You should now open the door. There is another room. This one is completely black. You cannot see the walls or the floor or anything. It looks like just an empty space. In the center of the room is a stand. It's bright white contrasting from the rest of the room.

On top of the stand is an orb. That orb is the first color that comes to mind. Keep that color and do not change it unless that color is naturally changing from the beginning, which is highly unlikely. Reach towards that orb. No matter how hard it is to grasp it in your mind, take hold of the orb and hold tight. And remember to stay relaxed during this whole thing. As soon as you can reach the orb and you grab it, open your eyes.

Congratulations. You have successfully taken hold of your aura. You can now control it in more ways than you can fathom. Good luck!

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Last edited on Jan 27, 2019
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What if it is changing different colors?

Feb 16, 2019
yeah I got the same ting

Mar 18, 2019
The colour of ones aura changes depending on mood and health. Some believe there's a colour it goes to naturally, but you aura will change, if you're angry or scared, not only colour but shape and distance from your body.

What If in my mind I dropped the orb and it shattered the color was spilling everywhere?

Feb 24, 2019
That does not sound good. Where you able to fix it @wolveslife?

Mar 18, 2019
It sounds bad, but I doubt it means you lost your aura. Auras are an invisible energy field around all living things [and inanimate objects too apparently] you're aura is fine, you still have one, and you can try again. I would guess you got nervous and subconsciously sabotage yourself. When I began practicing astral projection the exercise called for me to "float" to the ceiling, then turn and see my physical self lying there meditating bellow. The idea always freaked me out so I would always snap myself back to the physical before I completed the exercise. Keep trying, you'll get it. You might wish to try other exercises to see auras if this one is worrying you. Place your hand a few inches away from a solid coloured wall and look at the wall, you should start to see a thin outline around your hand/arm, that's how I saw my aura for the very first time. I also use to stare just above people heads on the bus to school, that's another simple way to practice. Once you feel a up to it, try again.

What do the different colors mean? I got purple, and is there anyway I can find out what that means, if it means anything? I'm new to this whole thing so could someone help me out?

Mar 18, 2019
Again, colours change for a number of reasons, purple might be your baseline or resting state. Purple is spiritual and visionary. First time I saw my aura it was orange [good health and creative] but now I usually see it as blue [calm and intuitive]

Three question 1. Is it ok if it seemed animated in my head? 2. It it ok if it was rushed in my head? 3. And finally is it ok if the orb was the same shade of whit e as the stand?

Mar 18, 2019
The answer to all three is "it's fine" everyone visualizes in their own way, I don't see anything wrong with what you did

what does it mean if their are multiple orbs and a demon int he same room but I accept the demon as my child and I fuse together to make a black orb and then put the black orb in my soul.

Mar 18, 2019
It means you've got a really good imagination [thats a joke btw] I doubt it's an actual demon, since this is a visualization technique where you're entering your subconscious mind, I would assume you feel confused or torn [since there's multiple orbs] and choosing a demon, I feel it's more symbolic of giving in to temptation and more "dark" options in life. I would try meditating more, perhaps try to communicate with this demon of yours.

Jul 08, 2019
Would be a good anime idea buddy

What if the orb is just a bright light!! What does this mean?

What if my aura is clear?

Oct 10, 2019

If an orb is none color, what is mean ?

Oct 05, 2019
By no color, I assume you mean clear or white. The first color that pops up in your mind.White is technically a color, but clear is not.

Hi guys , this kind of imagination is not working for me, can you guys recommend some other method to do this and has the same effect also I am searching for a locate spell that can search for lost pets or animals and capture them

Jul 26, 2019
hate to break it to ya, but this kind of imagination is what is used in most spells. Just keep trying and don't give up hope.

It doesn't work for me :(

May 19, 2019
That's fine, everything has an aura, it's just an energy field around your body, keep trying, or look into other techniques to see your aura, but just because this didn't work doesn't mean you don't have an aura, or another spell/ritual won't work for you.

How do I know if it worked or not, is there a way to tell? And what does it mean if when I held the orb I started crying?

i need help on this can someone teach me.

I tried it one time and it worked for me =3=, but thats because I meditate alot, but tbh if you guys want it to work, I will say do it your own way you don't need to follow this at all, but doing it this way will work as well lol, but I just did my own thing and it felt so awesome energy is so warming to me and how it flows I love so much. Oh yeah at the time I seen the energy it was a ocean blue and when I got closer to it, it changed to a pink color it was so beautiful.

Hay when I was doing it my nose was bleeding (not in reality) but the door was not in good condition it was white but was old and rusted. Then everything else was fine

Jun 09, 2019
I forgot to mention that I was also feeling like something/someone was choking me.

I am seeing 3 images. One with me shattering a red orb. Another with me fumbling around and trying to get a good grip on a purple orb and a picture with me having a firm grip on a black orb. What does it mean.

mine was black and red the colors kinda floated around together but never mixed

Jul 08, 2019
Same idk what that means tho

does it help if you meditate?

How do I control its radiating?

My aura was the loading symbol on my mac

What does a blue aura mean???

mine kept rapidly changing colors for some reason. what does that mean?

Jul 26, 2019
perhaps you are feeling a lot of different emotions at once. It's impossible for me to tell you with an exact answer because i'm fairly new

I was standing in the white room and I walked up to the door, but the door was a dark oak door. I kept on closing and opening the door. The door was slowly turning white. The other room was pitch black and there was a white pedestal but no aura. I closed the door completely this time and walked away. Does anyone know what this means? (I only know what the other room looks like because of the glimpses I caught from opening and closing the door quickly.)

Jul 31, 2019
I keep on trying to go back. This time I walked to the door, it was white but I didn't open it because I somehow knew it wouldn't open. Instead, I reached my arm up and some invisible entity/force pulled me by my arm while floating above my head and pulled me away from the door, further away into the white room. (The entity didn't seem bad, it seemed more as of guiding and caring) Does anyone know what this means?

can we actually see the aura?

I saw an orb that was greenish yellow. Interesting.

My Aura is brown what does that mean?

Is it bad if I see people in the black room? I tried to change my mind but it wouldn't work. Also is there something wrong if the orb is multiple colors?

My aura was a mixture of mint, blue, and purple and it looked like a thin glass ball filled with the colors in like a liquid form. Just they were not mixed together and it was like animated

Is it a problem if you can?t visualize? I can imagine sounds and the way something feels (physically and emotionally) but for the life of me I can?t see anything! Is that bad?

Do you need to be in a kind of position

Mine was gold and moving a little, like vibrating, what does that mean?

Hey, I'm a bit new to this and I was wondering how exactly do you know if this works or not? Do you see your aura after this? Also, what does it mean if the orb was like orange with pink blobs and kind of glowing and moving oddly?

I?ve got the white room and white door the metal of the handle but I can?t open the door, there?s something else in there

hello, everyone, I'm new to this and my friend introduced me to this so I'm I think 50%, not a believer and 50% a believer because I could feel the aura of my friend so what do I need to do >.<

uhhhmmm i began spinning around very hard in the white room and i lifted off while spinning?

How can I see my aura, I've been having an hard time meditating and i don't know why. Every time a try everything just seems so unfocused and i don't know how to correct this. Can someone please help or give me some advise.

Oct 11, 2019
to begin meditating it's basically to let your thoughts flow past you, a guided meditation such as this might be a bit too advanced if you struggle with "sit and relax". if you wish to see your aura, a simple method to try is to look slightly past someone. hold your hand in front of a blank wall [nothing too strenuous, a simple cream colour works] now stare past your hand at the wall, you should begin to see an outline which would be your aura [this is different from when you unfocus your eyes and it looks like you have "ghost fingers"] another method i use is if you're in public [say on a bus] look at peoples heads/shoulders, just a little past them, you should see a haze or outline hovering just above them. as you practice you will begin to see colours, layers, and even shapes. best of luck to you

Should I feel myslef in the room after concentrate enough

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