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Name: Bloodfire666
Birthday: Dec 11 2005
Location: South Australia
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I am a beginner witch so please forgive me if I do or say something that is wrong. I am not following any paths and I'm just testing out magick and using it to make people happier.
I am 15 years old and I identify as Bigender which means that I identify as a mixture of male and female.
LGBTQIA+ Safe Zone (no hate or I will block you)
I love foxes and art. I also really like cooking and anime.
I live in australia so I probably have a different time zone to a lot of people on here so keep that in mind. I may be asleep while you mail me.
At the moment I am trying to better my energy manipulation skills and learn to use a pendulum and Oracle cards. I would also like to learn astral projection as I would be able to meet my overseas witch friends with it and since it's the astral I would be able to create and eat unlimited amounts of cake
You can mail me if you want to but please keep in mind that I sometimes forget about this site and other times I'm doing something so I probably won't respond straight away. Feel free to get to know me and be my friend. (You can never have enough friends)
Please don't send anything inappropriate in my mail.
(If you know how to change your username on this site please tell me. I don't want this edgy username anymore lol)
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