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Name: Bloodfire666
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Location: Australia
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I am 16 years old and have been practicing magick on and off for 4 years now.
I identify as Bigender (Two different genders at once) and prefer to be called by They/Them pronouns.
My practice is mostly shaped by what I can do without many materials, here are some areas I focus on.
Energy manipulation
Sigil work
Oracle readings
Pendulum work
What I am learning right now is just a mishmash of whatever I find and am interested in at the moment. I am a very disorganised witch who researches most things on impulse.
Recently I've had a go at viewing auras, it takes a while but I can see a glowing light with enough time. I cannot see the actual colour yet though, I need to practice more.
I am happy to answer any messages in my mail, it's always nice to talk to new people.
I'm also happy to help with anything I am capable of doing as long as I have the time and motivation for it.
Remember no matter who or where you are, you are amazing! You are capable of doing so much, you found this, you comprehended this, you learned how to do everything you can do and you can always learn more if you put your mind to it.
You started out as such a tiny, helpless being. Take some time to think about how far you've come. Praise yourself for all that you've learned.
You've earned it.