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Name: nobody5544
Location: crete illinois
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 01 May 2016
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I am a 65 year old female who has completed the two year Wicca course offered online by Magicka School. I would like to learn more about the craft from other sources such as this site.
I am a solitary,eclectic practitioner,but would enjoy communicating with other Pagan/Wiccans
I recently applied to Council Of Knowledge Coven.I will contribute whatever I can to them and hope to gain knowledge and friendship from them.I especially liked the covens ideals that were stated in their bio. I have not belonged to any coven before ,nor do I now belong to one.
I am looking forward to hearing from The Council Of Knowledge in the near future.
I am still solitary as The Council of Knowledge Coven declined my request for membership. Everything happens for a reason.