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Name: BradBowlamma
Location: Trinidad and Tobago
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 22 Sep 2020
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hello and greetings from Trinidad and Tobago. I first discovered this site in 2013, haven't been here ever since. a bit nervous but I'm looking forward to meeting you guys.
A few things bout me
> I'm a fire fighter by profession
> Though I'm currently in my 30's I'm a hard core geek. I enjoy anime gaming manga
> In relation to the previous I'm also a novice comic/ manga artist. been doing comics since primary school but recently i decided i wanted to make a proper book and put in book stores
> I'm a music addict. love pop, rock, alternative and basically anything from LADY GAGA!
> I got 3 other alter egos or alter personas (not to be confused with multiple personality disorder also known as D.I.D) heck I'm actually using the name of one of my alters as my user name
> I'm gay
> And the son of a preacher... henceforth me being a bit nervous. (my folks finds out bout the previous or I'm messing around on this site HE WILL TRIP!)
anything you want to know feel free to ask