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Name: GhostNeko
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Hello! My name is GhostNeko. I like spiritual magic and telepathy. I've had many psychic moments and want to learn to control them and maybe gain more. I have discovered my aura so I know that... So yeah! I prefer Black Magic over White Magic. My strong points involve the aura and other spiritual spells and rituals. I can unlock my aura and I have found a way to control my energy from it to launch what my friend calls an "aura ball." It's weak, but it's something. I'm getting stronger though! I can also see some people's auras. It's very difficult for me though since I haven't practiced in a while. For anyone who wants to talk (for I am a very open person and will talk to just about everyone) I like animes like Black Butler, Soul Eater, and Sword Art Online. There are lots more though! And please don't steal my profile picture, for I drew it myself. Thank you! ~GhostNeko Also, I have a ghost. I'm not sure who they are or even what gender, but they pop up in photos I'm in and I sometimes feel someone watching me or see shadows out of the corners of my eye. They can control some everyday objects like the radio. If anyone can help me meet this ghost, I would very much appreciate it!