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Name: Draq
Birthday: May 8 1984
Location: United States
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 17 Jul 2024
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I am a totally blind individual who is interested in magic. I have red about meditation, crystals/crystal healing, Reiki, magic, etc., for many years. While I don't currently have a magical practice, I do enjoy reading about the different ways in which people practice magic. I'm also interested in the mechanics of magic (how magic might work).

If you wish to contact me, your best et is to message me here since I don't use the site chat due to the way it currently works. While technically useable, it's not very screen reader friendly in its current form. Feel free to message me if you wish, but please keep the following in mind when doing so:

  • Since I'm blind and the indicator for new mail is a color change, I won't know that I have new mail unless I open the inbox. If I don't get back to you in a short time, it's likely that I simply didn't know you messaged me and I'm more than likely not intentionally ignoring you.
  • Please don't ask me for advice with dealing with spirits and other nonphysical entities. I have no experience with such entities, and I don't wish to mislead anyone.
  • I'm happy to try to help with creating a spell, but please don't ask me to cast spells for you.
  • If your goal is to scam or otherwise mislead me, don't bother trying. You will be reported to the moderators and won't get a response from me.