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Name: ALittleRose
Location: Ask, and I will block you.
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Hello, I'm Rose.
I believe I'm a typical witch,
I'm into tarot, divination, rune work,
I like to predict the future from clouds, which is an actual thing you can do.
I work with totems, and poppets.
I like to watch the moon and stars so I stay up late.
I seem to have better luck with energy spells, and weather spells. But I'm sure that If I tried I could do a bunch of other spells too.
I'm going to get a lot of hate on this, but I believe your thoughts have power, and that with your thoughts, and of course with work, you can make anything, and I do mean anything happen.
I've found that I have a perhaps unhealthy fixation on dragons, regardless, all I can say is that I love them.
My brother is on here as well. His name is Rosswin, and we've started practicing together. Yay! >D< (