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For information and previous post history, please view the previously Gagged accounts. Don't ask why they continue to be gagged as we don't know. Guidance Dark Guidance Lord Guidance Lady Guidance Please be advised: Any information stated by me or sharing my likeness is no reflection on me. I am simply acting as though I have knowledge of religious and spiritual topics in vain attempt to fit in and have friends. If anyone attempts to use any information against me, I will slap you with a law suit really quick. (If you don't see the comedy in the above, your an idiot.) I grew up practicing the old ways, but never called it witchcraft or anything like that. Natural spell caster, remote viewer (past and at times real time only), empathic, Telepathic (only in spirit communication that I know of) and channeler. I have knoledge of OtherKin (especially wolf), Wolf and Vampyre paths, summonings, banishing, the list could go on. Languages I understand better than I speak: Korean, Japanese (very little) German, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian (little)Gaelic, Polish, Russian. (It's been a while but I still recall some). Mom, martial artist, Hunter, fisher, Member of NRA & NYS rifle and pistol association,Ordained high around 2011 as Lady Liege and still currently a religious leader, president of a sportsmen club. NRA certified Range safety officer. I've done religious instruction, work in counseling way to often, have charity gardens in our community, majored in criminal justice, certified in grief counseling, incident management, and about 15-20 other programs through FEMA,(no longer first response or CPR certified I don't believe). I came to this site searching for guidance in finding out why my aura appeared gold and why it looked like it was on my face. I found I was seeing the color of my soul and found I was Guidance, so I have stuck around for a few years. I am knowledgeable enough to know what fights are really worth fighting,intelligent enough to know when it just isn't worth it, and to old to be screwing around with a bunch of meaningless drama. The below was written in support of a member that was called a Nazi due to having it posted on his bio. I'm dyslexic and don't use proper grammar, but I thought it funny and added a few toward the bottom:) Being dead is not hard for you, you don't know you're dead, it's just hard for the people around you. Same rule applies if you're stupid. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Misuse of the word literally make me literally punch people in the face -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Learn proper grammar. 1)Their:- It belongs to them. 2)There:- Shows location. 3)They're:- They are. 4)You're:- You are. 5)Your:- Some thing belongs to you. 6)It's:- It is. 7)Its:- Shows possession 8)To:- A preposition that shows a action. 9)Two:- They're two stupid people. 10) Too:- Your stupid too (as well). 11)Could've:- Could have. 12)Could of: Could have 13) Here:- I'm rite here 14) Hear:- I hear you, I'm just ignoring you. 15) pain:- I'm in pain 16) pane:- It's a windowpane 17) weather:- I don't care what the weather is like outside. 18) whether:- I know whether your a fluff or not. 19) Rite:- It's a sacred rite 20) Right:- I'm right (opposite of wrong); it's the (right hand (opposite of left) 21) Light:- it's light out. 22) Lite:- an adjective, I want the lite calorie one. 23) Buy:- purchase it. 24) By;- it happened by magick 25) Bye:- Good bye 26) High:- It's high or you are:) 27) Hi:- simplified version of how the are you 28) Hole:- It's a hole in the ground. 29) Whole:- the fluff messed up the whole thing. 30)Some: A person/thing that is not known, or a unspecified number/amount 31)Sum: a amount of money, or the result of adding numbers 32) Mail:- That thing you use to get from the post office. 33) Male:- No I'm not, I'm a girl. 34) Pail:- That thing you carry in 35) Pale:- You look like , your pale. 36) Sail:- That thing on the boat. 37) Sale:_ It was on sale. 39) Night:- It's dark out. 40) Knight:- the guy on the horse. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- If the above makes you angrey, then know that it applies to you, if it does not apply to you then congratulations you are smarter than 45% of the world