Reveal What Someone Thinks

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Basically it's a spell that would reveal what a person thinks of you. You will know the truth in your dreams. This spell could be done on any moon phase but it's good to cast spells like this on Waxing Phase.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Picture of the person in mind
  • Bit of dried rosemary ( if you don't have rosemary substitute it with dill,peppermint or any other herbs used for mental clarity in spells)
  • Flameproof dish
  • Small piece of paper
  • White candle
  • Faith
  • Concentration

Casting Instructions for 'Reveal What Someone Thinks'

Cast a circle and light the candle, charging it with your intentions. Light it for truth and for mental illumination. Visualise a clear picture of the person in your mind because its very important. Write on a piece of paper “I wish that what this person thinks of me be revealed in my dreams”. Fold rosemary or if youre using any other herb in the paper so that it is tightly bound, and then carefully light the paper and put it in the flameproof dish. As it burns, visualise thats persons face again and focus intently on what you want. Speak the following words:

With dreamer’s eyes I seek to see What this person thinks of me. Be it good or be it ill Reveal to me as is my will.

When the rosemary and paper stop burning, snuff out the candle or let it burn out and go to sleep. You will receive the answer to your question in your dreams.


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