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With this spell, you can see spirits in your dreams.

Casting Instructions for 'Spirit Dream'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 30 black roses
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 30 black roses

Go out into the woods,alone. go as far as you can to the center of the woods where it is quiet. Put 29 black roses in a circle and put 1 black rose on your chest. Place your spirit animal next to you. Put it in a cage so it won't leave. Then lay in the circle with black rose on your chest. Say "spirits of life, spirits of death, come and help me for my reason, come oh come my (say your spirit animal) and help me now!"


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What will happen

The roses seem unnecessary. What purpose do they serve? You also can’t “put your spirit animal in a cage”. It’s a spirit; physics and gravity work differently for spirits, so objects in our reality don’t affect them.

How can I get my spirit animal?

Nov 08, 2023
Most often it is done by putting out an invitation to have a guiding or protective spirit become an active part of your life. I would recommend looking up a few different 'guide calling' spells so you can pick out the useful/key elements and then build your own. ...Here's a bit of a primer;

Start with a brief cleanse and empower. Make your sacred space, because whenever you are inviting something towards yourself, you want to have very firm rules on what kind of entity is allowed within your space. A blind, open invitation would lead to literally any possibility from magnificent to malicious. Make sure that your space will only allow beings with no ill intent.

Be specific in goal /purpose, but open in form. Guides come in just about any shape or size. And you want a teacher that will be effective for you personally. 'Cool factor' is irrelevant. Focus on -why- you are inviting a guide. What you want to learn about or what path you want to follow and receive their knowledge about.

Do not expect instant results. Once you have done your working, pay active attention to yourself and your surroundings. Be patient and observant of unusual, stand-out moments or thoughts that start showing up over and over. Guides don't exactly 'pop in' with a heavenly fanfare and lit sparklers. It takes time for people to notice their presence, and once you have, you need to be the one to make it an active part of your life. Receiving their help is your decision, not theirs. Heh, in my own cast it took a solid year for me to finally click in to who and what my guide was. And partly it was because I had limited myself and my awareness by having totally different expectations from what form he took. Once my guide -finally- got my attention properly, I was able to look back over the year (rather sheepishly) and recognize all the little nudges and hints and snchronicities I completely failed to grasp!

When you connect with your guide, the form they come in is just as much something to learn from as the things they do and share. Whatever form your guide takes, learn about that form and what it represents. You will find it to be a significant mirror to yourself, your goals, and to an extent your habits and predispositions (for better or worse)

I highly doubt this works. Firstly, spirit animals, apart from being an appropriative term, are a spirit and does not need to be in a cage. Spirit guides guide us on our path. The author is probably referring to a familiar which is a spirit that is said to take the physical form of an animal to aid in spells. It is not your pet. This spell claims to grant you the ability to see spirits in your dreams, but the process makes no sense. If this is a dream spell, why do the spell outside? Why not enchant where you plan to sleep? Why not drink a soothing psychic tea, meditate, place crystals under your pillow, and set your intention with the chant as you go to sleep. You can see spirits in your dreams, but it is a skill and not everyone has it. You would need to practice your dreaming abilities and your psychic abilities.

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