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Well, i have once read that there is no spell more powerful than the ones you write yourself. I made this at a nightmarish sleepover when everyone was having nightmares, We tried to put each other in a trance. Only mine worked. this may not work for you but it's worth a shot.

Casting Instructions for 'A trance'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • I used...
  • a dish of water (blessed or not)
  • Paper towels (one is enough)
  • patience
  • 2 blankets
  • a person who is sleepy or a volunteer
  • candle (optional, if you choose to use it, be sure you have good aim)
  • lights or matches
okay first, you spread the blanket somewhere, preferably a rug. Even better is there is no one else in the room but nearby. When I did this, there were girls in the other room laughing and talking.have the volunteer lie down upon the first blanket. Cover them with the second blanket, don't cover their faces. Have the person close their eyes and count to either 50 or 100. When they have finished counting, ask them the first place they think of. If they do not give the name of a place, persist the question until you get a valid answer. My volunteer answered disneyland. Keep asking questions like 'what's the first person you see?' or 'what do you do?' and make it into a little adventure for them. Keep in mind that the volunteer must have muscles relaxed and eyes closed at all times. Keep this up until you feel it is time to stop. Fold the paper towel, not crumple, into a rectangle and dip it into the water. Dry it by twisting it and unfold the twist, it doesn't matter if it's wrinkly. As long as it doen't drip. Place the paper towel upon the volunteer's forehead and ask them what was the firs thing they thought of when they felt the cold wetness of the paper towel. The more ridiculous their answers become, (ex: Who did you see next? socks) the more likely they're entering the dreamworld or the trance. But please be patient with the ridiculous answers. Just go along with it. ( So what did you do with socks?) If you have the candle, have it burning beside you OFF the rug. When it comes time to use it, blow out the flame and quickly, with precise aim, pour a wee bit of the melted wax in the middle of the paper towel. The paper towel is still wet so it should not roll anywhere else, if it does, it shouldn't be off the paper towel. The very next time the sounds (laughter or talking) goes on in the other room, ask them if it sounds loud or quiet. My volunteer answered quiet and distant though the talking was in right the next room. After that, take off the paper towel and place it in the dish of water. Be as quiet as possible and see if your volunteer is awake. If they do not wake up to your shouting, trying shaking them as hard as you can. If that still doesn't work,try pouring melted candle wax into their hand. It doesn't burn flesh, just really hot. If that STILL doesn't work, invent another method of wakening ( many alarm clocks, paper cutting, biting, dogs, etc)

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