A Theme for your Dream

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This is how to give a theme for your dream through chanting.

Casting Instructions for 'A Theme for your Dream'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • none
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • none
As you are about to sleep, think of what you wish for your dream to be about. Then create a chant using a word or short sentence. Example: ''dragons'' or as a sentence '' i soared with dragons''. Chant it either out loud, or in your head. But try to focus on your goal by visualizing your dream while chanting till you fall asleep.
You can even do this while dreaming if your lucid to summon tools ,weapons, and armor to help kick your nightmare bum.

I wish you all the best of luck as always.



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Does it actually work?

Does it work?????

I'm unure if this spell would work or not, any ideas?

To those asking if this works, of course it works. It isn't about the words, it is about how the words invoke emotion and energy within you. Choose a phrase or word that connects with you, makes you feel the energy running or down your hands and arms. Your spine. The words that make your heart feel expansive. If you aren't connecting with the energy behind the words, they will be just that....words. Rather than the reinforcement of your intention: energy. All spells work, it just depends on your perception and willingness to explore them.

Dec 11, 2022
Well, all spells exceptfor the ones that claim to make you fly or transform you into smth lol- basically anything that isn't physically possible... at the moment.

This requires an edit, but you can influence your dreams before sleep. In my evening prayers, I include a line about granting me guidance in my dreams. It takes practice, but it is possible. The same with lucid dreams or remembering your dreams. Practice.

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