Dreams Of The Past

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Aids in revisiting a specific dream/dreamspace
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A relaxing and safe environment to sleep in
  • An ''anchor'' (explained in instructions)
  • Music of your choice*
  • Lavender/Eucalyptus oil

Casting Instructions for 'Dreams Of The Past'


NOTE: Ingredients marked with an asterisk (*) are optional, but do help if you have access to them.
We'll begin with the most important step in the process; creating a dream anchor. The anchor manifestation can be done in advance, but it's best to do it within the same day/night you plan on attempting to revisit your dream.

The "anchor" can be a physical or intangible object. This means the dream anchor can be just about anything, as long as it pertains to the dream you're attempting to revisit. For example, if you're trying to revisit a dream that took place in a field, you might want to visualize the flowers or the grass from the dream as an anchor to the dream. This can even be taken a step further by keeping physical flowers/grass in your room before you get into bed.

The main purpose of creating the anchor, whether it's a physical presence or simply a mental visual, is to help create a strong spiritual connection to the dream. The more relevant the anchor is to the dream, the more likely this spell is to succeed. If you're unsure of what your anchor to the dream should be, try thinking of the first thing that pops in your head when you try to describe the dream you wish to revisit. That first thought is most likely to be a successful dream anchor.
Once your dream anchor is set up, the rest of the steps can be followed:
1: Set up your sleep space if it isn't already to your liking. This might involve (but is not limited to) fluffing pillows or putting on night lights. In short, do what you need to in order to ensure you are able to fall into a deep sleep.
2: If you have it, place a couple of drops of lavender OR eucalyptus oil under your pillow. The scent may help you to relax. This step is skippable.
3: Audio cues can be used as dream anchors, but are finicky and may trigger entirely different dreams altogether. If you feel that the audio you have in mind will guide you to the dream you seek, you can play your sound of choice. This step is skippable.
4: Once you're ready, get into your most comfortable position in your sleep space and close your eyes. Recite the following phrase three times:
"A dream of the past is what I seek; take me there, so mote it be."
5: While you are reciting the phrase, visualize your anchor in your mind if it is a mental image. If your anchor is a physical object in your surroundings, open your eyes and stare at it for as long as you can before you fall asleep. If your anchor is an audio cue, keep your eyes closed.
6: If all goes well, once you have fallen asleep you should be able to revisit your dream!
- Anchors can be combined; I have personally used a combination of audio cues and mental visualizations to revisit certain dreamspaces.
- If you don't have access to essential oils but still want to get the relaxing effects of lavender or eucalyptus... Candles, incense, tea, pillow spray, or even the physical plant can be used. The tea would be consumed before bed, and if you are burning anything, make sure to extinguish the flame before going to sleep.
- Lucid dreaming is possible, but not guaranteed with this spell. The spell's main purpose is to help guide you to the same dream again, not necessarily to be able to interact with it.
- This spell will not always work, as it is heavily dependent on the individual casting it. If it doesn't work on your very first try, do not give up! You can try again when you are feeling up to it.
- Happy sleeping! :D


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