Clearing Dreams

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Your dreams are your sanctuary, as such, this little spell will help you dream positively.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Incense (One that will help you feel calm).
  • 1 Incense Holder
  • 2 White Candles.
  • 2 Matches (1 for both candles and one for the incense).

Casting Instructions for 'Clearing Dreams'

Okay first find a area that is clear of any object except for the ones for the ingredients. Then cast a circle that will help keep unwanted energies from penatrating your spell, place your incense in the incense holder. Place the white candles on both sides of the incense.

Now take 1 of the matches and light the first candle (either one will be fine) and say;

To my god/dess and too the earth, to the sky and too the moon, clean my aura from negativity that surrounds my room.

Then light the last candle and say;

As I light this last candle make the negativity disappear from my room. From the earth to the stars, from this universe to the great divine, I banish the nagitivity from my room, this is my will so mote it be!

Now make sure you put out the match after you light the candle or after the spell. Then take the last match and light the incense and say;

As my mind now drifts to sleep, let it dream a peaceful dream. My mind now shall feel at peace

Now lay in bed and fall asleep and you shouldnt have a nightmare in your dream.


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