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Name: Odd3n
Birthday: Jan 7 1991
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Hi, My name is, Odd3n and Im 32 year of age, and Im a male from Sweden. Im also very new to Real magic, and I would like to learn more about it.

Please dont PM me with questions regarding magic, as Im lacking basic understanding myself about magic, I feel it is wrong I teach you about it. However, Im more than willing to teach once the time is right.

I will NOT bother with questions like, how you can turn into a vampire, werewolf or any such being, although I would love this to be possible - but it is not, it goes for a good fantasy book. YOU ARE HUMAN! Be happy with what you are.

Here is my personal list on what I would like to learn,

* Astral projection [Have been successful, although only twice]

* Scrying [Still learning]

* Spell Casting [Learning to feel energy, I start to feel my own]

* Moon Magic [Still learning, although I have successfully created a protection spell from moon energy, only once]

* Deity Work [Still learning, I have started to feel them. I have had Freya appear to me. Odin was the first one contacting me when I first discovered magic]

* Spirit Work [Still learning, but Im very close to feel them, I have also started to see them once or twice]

* Energy Manipulation [Still learning, this one is very hard for me. I need to focus more]

* Earth Magic [This is one of my favorite, I often use Earth with my craft, mainly for protection]

* Aura Readings [Still learning]

* Dragon Magic [Still learning, never attempted I have had a hard time with AP for the longest time]

* Astrology [Still learning, this is on hold, I try to figure out where I can use this and when]

* Shadow Work [Still learning, Im not quite sure where to start]

Feel free to send a PM if you would like to talk about whatever,

Remember, Find a way, or make one.