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I am a Christopagan Witch with a lean towards Gnosticism. I mostly practice prayer magic and spellwork. I have also had limited experience with chakras and clairvoyance. I occasionally read books on herbalism and alchemy. I love angelology and know alot about the archangels from Christianity and Kabbalistic Judaism as well as the 9 choir tradition. I believe that the pagan Gods are the Authorities, powerful Quasi-celestial nature spirits that rule the earth and serve the Trinity. I have a list of invocations for 22 different archangels as well as a list of spells meant to summon/manifest angels of the 9 choir tradition. I also have many invocations concerning the Authorities, Saints, and aspects of God. To me, the aspects of God are: God (Sabaoth), Jesus, Sophia, Bythos, Barbelo, Nous, Alethia, Logos, Zoe, Anthropos, Ekklesia, Ennoia, Agape, El Shaadai, Asherah, Yahweh, Anat, Adonai, Shekhina, Tetragrammaton, Ishtar, Astarte, and many others. I have been curious to learn more about the Archons, such as Astaphanos, but unfortunatly I can't seem to find much information about them. When it comes to magic, I use: wealth spells, love spells, blessings, protection spells, healing spells, defense spells, karma spells, nature spells, and guidance spells. I don't believe in using magic for revenge. I believe that defense and karma spells are only to be used when people are physically, psychically,or spiritually in danger.