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Name: 7Spirits
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I am the Priest of the Christian Wiccans Coven. I am an Eclectic Gnostic Christian Witch who also has roots in the traditions of Christopaganism and Trinitarian Wicca. I mostly practice prayer magic and spellwork. I have also had limited experience with chakras and clairvoyance. I occasionally read books on herbalism and alchemy. I love angelology and know alot about the archangels from Christianity and Kabbalistic Judaism as well as the 9 choir tradition. I believe that the pagan Gods are the Authorities, powerful Quasi-celestial nature spirits that rule the earth and serve the Trinity. I have a list of invocations for 22 different archangels as well as a list of spells meant to summon/manifest angels of the 9 choir tradition. I also have many invocations concerning the Authorities, Saints, and aspects of God. To me, the aspects of God are: God (Sabaoth), Jesus, Sophia, Bythos, Barbelo, Nous, Alethia, Logos, Zoe, Anthropos, Ekklesia, Ennoia, Agape, Hedone, Henosis, Pistis, Parakletos, Synesis, Synkrasis, Theletus, Sige, Patrikos, Matrikos, Monogenes, El Shaadai, Asherah, Yahweh, Anat, Adonai, Shekhina, Tetragrammaton, Ishtar, Astarte, and many others. I am happy to cast spells for people, but please be aware that I will do it on my own time. For people who want to convert me to their religion, or who claim that I am demon posessed for practicing witchcraft, don't even bother sending me mail. Chances are that I will probably just ignore you or respectfully decline your offer, at worst I will probably just call you out on your hypocrisy. Otherwise I am happy to accept mail from anyone who is willing to learn more about magic, discuss magic, or just have some light conversation. When it comes to magic, I use: wealth spells, love spells, blessings, protection spells, healing spells, defense spells, karma spells, nature spells, and guidance spells. I don't believe in using magic for revenge. I believe that defense and karma spells are only to be used when people are physically, psychically,or spiritually in danger. I am considering the idea of working with faeries, so if anyone has any information on how to work with the fey or nature spirits in general, feel free to email me information about the subject, I am always eager to learn.
What I know
1. Prayer Magick
2. Spellcasting
3. Candle Magick
4. Angelology
5. Saints
7. Gnosticism
8. Aeons
9. Archons
10. Clairvoyance
11. Deity Work (pagan gods)
12. Christopaganism
13. Zen Meditation
14. Creative Visualization
15. Trinitarian Wicca
16. Hinduism
17. Buddhism
18. Daoism
19. Jewish Kabbalah
20. Psychic abilities (the different types, not neccesarily how to practice them)
21. Mysticism (Divination, Psychedelics, Flagellation, Astral Projection, Conjuration, Necromancy)
22. Demonology (Limited knowledge)
23. Christian Apocrypha
24. Folk Christianity
What I would like to learn
1. Faerie Magick
2. Psychic abilities (how to practice them)
3. Divination
4. Necromancy
5. Spirit work
6. Alchemy
7. Herbalism