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These rituals and articles have been added by the Coven of Raven's Gate. Questions or comments regarding anything on these pages should be directed toward them.

To add an article to this book you must be level Council or above in Raven's Gate.

  • A Full Moon Ritual For Energy
    A ritual to be used on the full moon to charge you up.
  • Altering Consciousness
    The theories behind dreams and one's lucidity, astral projection, and the seven accessible planes
  • Archangels
    A list of archangels, their domains and correspondences, and how they can assist you in your daily life
  • Astral Projection Exercises
    A meditative exercise contributed by Oakwulf..
  • Astral Projection to Travel
    A personal recount of how to astral project.
  • Augury
    Divination through bird appearance, flight patterns and population numbers.
  • Aura Healing
    An excercise used to heal your aura.
  • Aura Reading for Beginners
    A simple way to practice reading auras.
  • Auras
    The definition of a aura, a compiled list of aura color meanings, and tips on learning to view auras.
  • Basic Astrology
    the various astrological sign readings and correspondences of the zodiacs
  • Bibliomancy 101
    This article shows different ways to practice bibliomancy and includes instructions for beginners.
  • Brief History of Hoodoo
    A description of hoodoo by former coven member docvoodoo.
  • Cermony For Unlocking Your Witch
    This will allow you to become a witch, especially if you're a beginner. It'll allow you to become to your full potential. Though you don't become a witch through a spell, one can help you gain the motivation to become actively involved in the practice. You become one through studying, experiencing, and gaining knowledge.
  • Chakras
    Description of each chakra and the mantra to open them.
  • Class 1:Basic Spell Casting (members only)
    A guide to basic spell casting for beginners to advanced material. Everyone should read this. Spell casting may become easier.
  • Class 2: Awakening Your Magick (members only)
    This spells giv your spells a boost and makes them work better..also awakens your inner magick..
  • Class 4: Meditation (members only)
    Meditation. The art of focusing. Everyone needs to focus in their work with Magick. Or just normal lives. This is it.
  • Class 5: How To Use Visualisation (members only)
    How to visualise in order to improve your spell-work etc.
  • Class 6: Purifying your Circle (members only)
    This ritual will purify your circle and it'll also help purify your spell.
  • Class 7: Chakra's (members only)
    Here is your short guide to basic chakras of our body..
  • Combat magic Facts and Fiction
    I have read a lot about combat magic and came to conclusion that most people know very little on the subject and that most of it is just a fluff. Following article is supposed to share enough about both "real" combat magic and what many believe to be combat magic. And I will include couple of "spells" in it as well.
  • Contacting Angels (members only)
    This is a way to call your angels..This is no specific ritual but just asking them to assist you..
  • Cookie Magic
    Information on working magic into your sweet treats!
  • Creating an Altar
    This is a basic altar setup that is commonly spoken about to newer practitioners. There are many other ways to make altars to suit your own needs & pleasures.
  • Day Correspondences
    Correspondents of, and ritual timing
  • Empathy
    Here is an explanation on empaths and their behavior.
  • Energy Manipulation (members only)
    Article on Energy Manipulation provided by former member Nizan.
  • Energy Manipulation
    Introduction for you energy manipulators
  • Energy manipulation
    Understanding energy and its importance.
  • Familiars
    A description of familiars utilizing historical and modern references.
  • Fenrir
    Story of the Norse god Fenrir, son of the pseudo-god Loki.
  • For Psychics Only: View Fast You Visions
    Many psychic have some difficulties sometimes to view their visions. This is a way to make it easy for you.
  • Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Ritual
    A ritual in the dedication of the full moon/lunar eclipse. The moon represents change. This ritual will cleanse one's past and help them become anew.
  • Herbs
    A-C list of the magickal use of herbs and plants.
  • History of Shamanism
    Information detailing the history of Shamanism.
  • Imaginative Hydrokineis Practice
    This is to help you learn to control water. Although you can't, it is surely good to be imaginative. Though, you can use water in many other practices such as divination.
  • Invocation of the Dragon
    This is an Invocation that can be found in The Grimoire of Tiamat. I usually perform this Invocation before I invoke Kingu, as a preliminary working, to gain energy, before doing something difficult in the mundane world, etc. This Invocation of the Dragon and the Invocation of Kingu is something I also use in order to gain better control over myself and my emotions.
  • Lavender
    Information detailing the herb.
  • Life after death
    There is nothing more important to us as living beings than that we have something we can describe as a soul that continues to exist after physical death and is everlasting. For without this, it is all for naught and there was no point in existing at all for ultimately it does not matter if we live for a year or a trillion years if we do not have immortality. And in fact not having such would really be the ultimate cruelty.
  • Little Telepathy Knowledge & Fun Practice
    Ever feel like talking to a friend secretly? Telepathy is no magical ability. Instead, it is a scientific-unproven theory.
  • Love Magick and Free Will
    The controversy of Love Magick and free will, a sigil for attracting it towards you, and a list of basic associations.
  • Lughnasadh/Lammas
    Information on the Sabbat.
  • Magick: how does it work? Physics has some answers!
    This article gives an explanation on how magick works in terms of physics. This article aims to give a more solid explanation as to why magick has the limitations it has, and how it manifests.
  • Meditation : Void
    A step by step void mediation
  • Mind Palaces (part 1)
    An introduction to mind palaces; what they are, where the idea originated, and their many purposes.
  • Mind Palaces (part 2): Wellbeing
    Part 2 on Holly's series on Mind Palaces. This covers the importance of wellbeing.
  • Musical Astral Projection (members only)
    A personal recount of how to astral project using piano music.
  • Necromantic Evocation
    Here is a ritual that I came across in a book that was very old. User beware of the ramifications.
  • Offering Ritual for Anubis
    A ritual to show thanks to the god Anubis.
  • Opening your Third Eye (members only)
    This ritual is used to open your third eye..
  • Potent Poetry
    The uses of poetry in magic.
  • Potion to make you stop loving someone (members only)
  • Practical Class 1: Find A Lost Item (members only)
    A simple ritual which only uses the power of mental energy to help you find an item which has been lost.
  • Practical Class 2: Working with the Elements
    A series of basic exercises, working with the elements.
  • Practical Class 3: Activating your chakras (members only)
    This ritual is used to activate your chakras which help you in various forms of rituals ans spells..
  • Practical Class 4: Automatic Writing (members only)
  • Psi Ball
    A short simple textual guide to create a Psi Ball on behalf of Sir_Prize
  • Psi Beginners 1: Telekinesis (members only)
    Just a start for the beginners to learn how to control the flow of energy and learn how to move objects. Advanced should start here.
  • Psi Beginners 2: Astral Projection (members only)
    A guide to help beginners Astral Project.
  • Psi Beginners 2: Astral Projection part 2 (members only)
    When you have completed Astral Projection 1. You can use this to further your development..
  • Psi Beginners 4: Psychic Shower
    A way to cleanse, charge, and protect your aura
  • Qabalah
    Information about Qabalah.
  • Ravens Gate, Rites of Passage
    Coven Commitment. This Rite confirms your dedication to the Coven. Only for those who are sincere and ready.
  • Reference :Types of Magick
    this is for the beginners as to wot is some of the different types of magick and also a refresher for others
  • Reference: Crystals
    A list of physical properties as well as spiritual meanings of crystals.
  • Reference: Moon Phases
    Information on the moons phases.
  • Reference: Tools
    A list of witches tools used in spells and rituals
  • Remembrance Ritual
    This is a ritual that can be done on Samhain to remember and celebrate the lives of loved ones that have passed from this world to the next.
  • Ritual of Bast
    This is a personal ritual that I created to honor the Goddess Bast. Feel free to use it when working with this deity.
  • Rose Water
    Rose water is just as the name would suggest. It is made by boiling the petals of roses in water. The roses are then strained out, and the water that is left behind is used for rituals and spells.
  • Scienitific Explanations
    A brief science explanation that magic follows. For a more in-depth physics explanation, please see Ashen_Heart's post: https://www.spellsofmagic.com/coven_ritual.html?ritual=4185&coven=245
  • Sigil Madness
    I've been working with sigils for a while now so I decided to take the time to compose a thread about them. This thread will provide a brief outline of what they are and how to make them. Sigils are a very personal and individual practice which makes this information rather general.
  • Spirits & Hauntings
    Information on spirits and hauntings.
  • Starting with Angelic Magick (members only)
    To begin with Angelic Magick and to know more about angels..
  • Stregheria (Italian Folk Magic)
    This article is dedicated to the Italian culture of folk magic, its practices, and it uses.
  • Synchronicity - Use and Understanding
    Synchronicity is something referred to in many ways. Some say "On the path", or even Dejevu can be thought of a type of premonition one can learn from. But how can you recognize it? use it? Is there a way to be pretty sure it is a sign? Here are some real-world examples with explanations mixed in with a bit of the mathematical underpinnings as to why this is very provable.
  • The Basics (members only)
    A brief definition of magick and descriptions of what those call the basics of magick(meditation, centering, visualization, and grounding).
  • The Moon and Magic
    Information on magic involving the moon, and how to work lunar spells.
  • The Sabbats
    The history, celebration, and correspondences of the Sabbats
  • Thermokenesis swirl (members only)
    For thermokenesis beginners here is an exercise that make you create a temperature. Although this article is for fun, thermokenesis isn't exactly real, but we can learn to control things like our body heat as our body does regulate it periodically.
  • Thought-Form Familiars (members only)
    Excerpt on thought-forms from The Witch's Familiar: Spiritual Partnerships for Successful Magic By Raven Grimassi.
  • To gain favour of a faery.. (members only)
    Being in contact with a faery is one of the best experiences..They are really sweet and helpful..
  • To meet your spirit guide.. (members only)
    Spirit guides have great potential to help us any way they can..Having a connection with them can prove really benificial to us..Here is how to do it..
  • Totem Animals
    A list of the characteristics of each animal and a brief definition of Native American totem animals as well as a brief guide on how to determine your totem animal.
  • Tree of Life
    The Tree of Life is a symbol from the Kabbalah (Qabala), continuing ten spheres or energy centres, called Sephiroth (numbers).
  • Triple Goddess Blessing (members only)
    For the blessing of the Triple Goddess to empower you.
  • Wand Making (members only)
    These are a few ways to make a wand..
  • Weather Magick
    The controversy of weather magick, how it can be utilized, and the many different factors that can influence a change in forecast.
  • Wood & Wands
    Information on wand woods and their properties.
  • Working with Deities
    How to find a suitable deity to form a bond with, leave proper offerings, and invoke their presence for spell and ritual work.
  • clairvoyance_lessons (members only)
    9 days to complete your psychic abilities
  • how to meet a fairy (members only)
    to meet a fairy
  • love potions (members only)
  • lucid dreaming (members only)
    the first step to astral projection
  • morphic fields:indentification and basics (members only)
    begin your morphic exercises
  • morphic fields:method 1 (members only)
    begin sending your messages threw your body
  • morphic fields:method 2 (members only)
    professionals exercise
  • releasing dark magick (members only)
    ritual to release the energy within you for purposes of revenge chaos etc
  • to leave the body (members only)
    beginners for astral projection
  • your inner truth (members only)

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