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This will show you how to begin astral projection and "Jump" into the astral world.

To Begin: Visualize any simple fruit. One you can recall the texture of, as well as the scent, taste, shape, and sound of (when bitten into). Examine it fully for as long as you need. This may take days so pick a favorite fruit.

Once you feel you know that fruit inside and out, set it aside and try to create a mental image of it (from top to bottom and side to side). Then try to grab it and it and feel its texture (if your working with a fruit that peels, notice the inside texture as well). When you are able to do this, take a bite out of it. Notice the taste. Begin to feel your mouth water as if it were really there. Notice the sound it makes as your teeth bite into it as well. Last, take a piece, or the whole thing and bring it up to the nose.

This may take a bit of time and practice but well worth it. The last step I would suggest as well is to open your eyes and see if the fruit you are eating is there in your hand.

Astral Jump Next you should learn how to jump into your astral body. At first I would recommend the body be visualized either naked, or that of wearing all one color, unless you feel your visualization skills are able to handle a lot of imagery thus far. But to not overwhelm yourself, keep things easy at first, and keep practicing. And that you must remember to know where everything is in the room your working in, because that is needed to be visualized as well. Astral Temple or Chamber: Once you have successfully been able to jump into your astral body, you may then wish to construct a temple for ritual work. Here I will give two examples. A basic or starter, and a more advanced one.

1. You may begin this with meditation, but I prefer to meditate before a harder technique Visualize yourself on open land with nothing in site as far as you can see. Instead of a temple, use a circle. The circle should have no way of entrance from anything once inside, so nothing may enter it. Set the circle aflame and begin.

2. Begin to meditate with just focusing on your breathe and regulating it. When you have found a suitable breath technique, take yourself to an empty field where there is no signs of life at. The sky can be any color, and surroundings anything you wish. (I recommend something less detailed if this is your first time visualizing anything, until you have gotten the hang of it). Construct 4 walls, a desired floor texture, and a ceiling. Here you can place any symbols or writings you may wish to meditate upon. There should be no visible entrance or exit in your "temple", so that nothing can get inside and corrupt or break your concentration. Anything inside of you temple should be remembered and anything you wish to add should be created while inside of it. Be creative and remember everything (even the way you came in). After you have finished, leave the way you came, and open your eyes. Don't leave anything unfinished.

Once you have finished you should begin to experiment with ritual. See how it differs using astral projection, and without.

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Aug 23, 2019
I have two questions: 1. is my consciousness supposed to go into my astral body or is it simply visualization? 2. is it possible to be stuck outside of your physical body?

Sep 01, 2019
1. It's mainly visualization to be used and practiced for when you exit your body. 2. No. You'll always have the tether.

Oct 17, 2019
1. I have aphantasia (meaning I cant imagine or visualize in my mind pretty much at all) so can I still do spells like this that require visualization or can i just... not be a witch (because like all spells require visualization) 2. Is it not working BECAUSE I have aphantasia, if so, how do I get rid of aphantasia

Oct 19, 2019
you can do this stuff with out it theres and article about it.

Apr 28, 2020
there is a proven way to get rid of aphantasia but it takes time. I suggest reading about it and taking care of that before you try spells but you can still meditate and meditating is very important and helpful.

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