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Hello! My name is Magnus, I'm a humble pagan teacher. Don't worry about difficult instructions or pushing you too hard. I simply want to make sure the Old Ways, and New Ways are explained in the simplest way I can, so you can be safe! I am also capable of being able to temporarily teach covens, should they be open to my way of teaching, I will do my best to spread my knowledge, but I do request you take it with a grain of salt, sugar, spice, and a mug of herbal tea or a nice coffee.
Please know that I am just answering questions Via Mail or Chat, I will answer to the best of my ability or refer you to someone who is more informed than myself. If you require advice or comfort, Mail my account and I will respond within a few minutes, but most of all, be patient, I may not be online all the time.
If you see I have posted something wrong, politely and respectfully correct me, I don't always have the right information, and I appreciate corrections and critiques of my lessons.
Stay safe and healthy! May the gods bless you all!